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Carmen Chai is an award-winning Canadian journalist who has lived and reported from major cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, London and Paris. She started her career in journalism writing about crime and local news for the Toronto Star, Canada's largest daily newspaper. After that, she covered a variety of subjects from federal politics in Ottawa to the 2015 attacks in Paris. For, she has covered SIM-swapping scams, financial abuse elderly parents may encounter, and the perks of credit card purchase protection. 

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How to manage your finances in 2019: Credit card tips -- Want to improve your finances in 2019? We asked personal finance experts for advice, and this is what they said: "If you only do one thing, do this." Read on to see the tips they offered. ... (See Card tips to improve your finances in 2019)

Best credit card options for DINKs -- Are you a DINK couple ? dual income, no kids ? looking to splurge on travel, shopping or dining out using your credit card? These options and tips can help. ... (See Best cards for DINKs)

Contactless cards: How they work -- Contactless credit cards, already popular in Canada and the U.K., are starting to flow in the U.S. How do they work? ... (See Contactless cards)

Lenders' right to offset: What you need to know -- This little-known clause allows funds to be pulled from your accounts to pay debts ... (See Right to offset)

SIM-swapping scam lets fraudsters drain your accounts -- If your smartphone goes dead suddenly, someone may have hijacked it ... (See SIM fraud)

Elder financial abuse: How families can cope -- Besides harming the senior who's been targeted, elder financial abuse often leaves relatives with psychological and financial stress surrounding what's happened to their loved one ... (See Elder abuse)

You may need good credit to get old -- Many seniors stop worrying about their credit scores once they've paid off their homes and cars. That's a mistake: Assisted living facilities and nursing homes often check credit ... (See Seniors)

Financial literacy begins moving into the workplace -- Many Americans lack the knowledge to properly manage their money. Employee education programs are working to change that ... (See Workplace)

Getting the best exchange rate abroad -- Credit and debit cards offer the best rates for purchases, but there are a few pitfalls to avoid ... (See Exchange rates)

3 tips for using credit card price protection -- Price protection is a little-known credit card perk that could save you hundreds of dollars. But you have to know how it works to take advantage ... (See Price protection plans)

Got a cellphone? Here come Smishing scams -- Think you're too savvy to fall for email scams? Fraudsters have a new tactic that targets your new constant companion -- your cellphone ... (See Smishing)

4 ways to sabotage your child's financial independence -- It's natural for parents to want to continue supporting their children through college. But too much help can sabotage their financial independence ... (See Financial sabotage)

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Updated: 04-24-2019