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Brady Porche

Brady Porche is a managing editor at A career trade journalist, he has covered a variety of industries, including water and wastewater, petrochemical and refining, travel and leisure and professional sports. He also wrote and edited a series of business books and company histories as editor of a custom publishing firm.

Porche received a bachelor of arts degree in mass communication from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

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Swipe fees: Visa, Mastercard to charge merchants more for card transactions -- Visa and Mastercard are planning to raise swipe fees in April, according to media reports. It could result in higher prices for consumers. ... (See Swipe fees)

NY Fed: Credit inquiries fell to historic low in Q4 -- A report by the New York Fed shows credit inquiries in the past six months fell to a historic low in the fourth quarter of 2018. ... (See Fed data on consumer credit )

Fed: Card balances rose by $1.7 billion in December -- Credit card balances increased in December, according to the Federal Reserve. ... (See Consumer credit )

2019 Balance Transfer Card Survey: APRs soar, but no-fee options abound -- Balance transfer credit card seekers have more options to avoid paying a fee to shift debt between cards, according to a new survey. However, rising APRs make it critical to pay off a transferred balance in a timely manner. ... (See Balance Transfer Credit Card Survey)

Fed: Card balances jumped by $4.8 billion in November -- Credit card balances rose to a new all-time high in November, according to the Federal Reserve. ... (See Consumer credit )

Poll: Cardholders say they earn most of their rewards from groceries -- Rewards card holders say grocery shopping is their most lucrative way of earning points and cash back, according to a new poll. ... (See Rewards earning poll )

Credit card APRs heading upward again as Fed hikes rates -- The Federal Reserve voted to raise its federal funds rate by a quarter point for the fourth time this year ? all but ensuring credit card APRs will soon climb to a new record. ... (See Fed hikes rates)

Fed: Card balances jumped by $9.2 billion in October -- Credit card balances increased in October, according to a report by the Federal Reserve. ... (See Consumer credit report )

2018 Retail Store Card Survey: Beware 30 percent APRs, ?special? financing -- Retail store credit cards' average interest rate is nearly five percentage points higher than general purpose cards, and many store-only cards have APRs near 30 percent, according to our 2018 Retail Store Card survey. ... (See 2018 Retail Store Card Survey)

Fed: Card balances fell by $300 million in September -- Credit card balances decreased in September, according to a federal government report released Tuesday. ... (See Consumer credit report )

ABA: 3 in 10 cardholders pay their balances in full each month -- Three in 10 cardholders pay their balances in full each month, according to new data from the American Bankers' Association. It's the highest level since the group began tracking that data since 2008. ... (See ABA credit card market report)

2018 Credit Card Fee Survey: Fees freeze as rates rise -- Cardholders are most likely to pay fees if they pay late, take out a cash advance or carry a balance, according to the 2018 Credit Card Fee Survey. ... (See 2018 Credit Card Fee Survey)

Average FICO score reaches all-time high of 704 -- The average FICO score among U.S. consumers has reached an all-time high of 704, according to a new FICO report ... (See Average FICO score )

Swipe fee settlement: Visa, Mastercard agree to pay merchants $6.2B -- Visa and Mastercard have agreed to pay merchants up to $6.2 billion to settle a years-long lawsuit over swipe fees. A similar agreement was rejected by a federal court in 2016. ... (See Swipe fee settlement)

Credit card limit decreased? Why it happens, and what to do about it -- A credit limit decrease can happen because your spending habits changed, or if your good credit is mixed up with someone else's bad credit ... (See Credit limit decrease )

Carry a balance on credit card: Why we do it, how to break the habit -- Carry a balance on a credit card is risky, but it's not uncommon. Here are some reasons why we do it, and how you can break the habit ... (See Why we carry balances)

Study: Credit cards carry more types of bacteria than coins, cash -- There's a good chance your credit card carries nasty bugs that can cause infections and food poisoning, but it's not likely to make you sick ... (See Credit card germ study )

Fed: Card balances fell by $100 million in June -- Credit card balances fell slightly in June, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See Card balances)

Kroger Visa credit card ban extended to second division -- Supermarket giant Kroger announced another one of its store chains will no longer accept Visa cards due to high swipe fees. ... (See Kroger Visa ban)

Credit card loyalty: Stick to one issuer, or mix it up? -- Whether you stand by your issuer or diversify your wallet, each strategy has advantages and drawbacks ... (See Credit card loyalty)

Fed: Card balances rose by $9.7 billion in May -- Credit card balances surged to a new record in May, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See Consumer credit card debt)

Poll: Women more prone than men to miss card payments -- People miss credit card payments for many different reasons, but the most common are forgetting and not having enough money ... (See Late card payments poll)

Amazon Business American Express Card offers choice of cash back or interest-free payments -- Amazon partners with Chase and Synchrony on consumer cards, but this will be its first small business card ... (See Amazon Business American Express Card)

Poll: 2 out of 5 Americans think age, marital status affect credit score -- More people are checking their credit scores than four years ago, but about 40 percent of consumers have misconceptions about what affects your credit ... (See Credit scores )

AmEx to roll out credit card made from ocean plastic -- Credit cards aren't known for being environmentally friendly, but a new card from American Express may change that ... (See AmEx card ocean plastic)

Credit scores: Is 1 percent utilization better than 10 percent or zero? -- Carrying over a tiny card balance can give you a credit score boost, but paying in full is better for your financial health ... (See Credit utilization )

Fed: Card balances rose by $2.2 billion in April -- Consumer credit card balances rose at a 2.6 percent annual rate in April, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See Credit card debt)

Goodwill letters: A note can get a credit blemish wiped away -- A goodwill letter can help you get an uncharacteristic slip-up removed from your credit report, but it's not a sure thing ... (See Goodwill letter)

Poll: 47 million Americans have picked up a tab to get card rewards -- Picking up a group tab with your card can be a good rewards-earnings strategy, unless your friends don't repay you ... (See Picking up a tab )

Skim Reaper: The death of card skimmers? -- A grimly named handheld gadget can detect card-data-stealing skimmers in compromised gas pumps, ATMs ... (See Skim Reaper)

Retail card delinquencies at highest level since 2011 -- Missed payments on retail cards have been on the rise since 2013, according to new data from Equifax ... (See Delinquencies )

Poll: Half of balance-carrying cardholders clueless about their APRs -- Millions of U.S. consumers are unaware of what it costs them to carry card balances ... (See Card APRs)

6 ways to maintain a good business credit score -- A high business credit score can help you get favorable terms on loans and other types of credit ... (See Business credit score)

Fed: Card balances fell by $2.6 billion in March -- Card balances fell in March, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See Debt )

Improve your spouse?s credit score: 5 tips -- Many marriages include one spouse with good credit and another with bad or no credit. Here's how "good credit" spouse can lift "bad credit" - without driving each other nuts ... (See Improve spouse's credit score)

2018 gas card survey: Gas cards trail in the race to fill up your wallet -- Our latest gas card survey shows an average per-gallon discount of 5 cents. That falls short when compared to many cash back cards ... (See 2018 gas card survey )

Fed: Card balances rose by $100 million in February -- Card balances continued to climb to new heights in February, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See Credit card balances)

Baseball fans, swipe your credit card for 'Ice cold beer here!? -- MLB vendor Aramark will arm its in-seat food and beverage sellers with card payment systems for the 2018 season. ... (See Baseball vendors accepting credit cards)

Mortgage approved! Time to let your credit score slip? -- You've just closed on a new home. Don't rest on your laurels when it comes to your credit score ... (See Mortgage and credit score)

Fed: Card balances grew by $700 million in January -- Card balances set a new all-time record in January, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See Debt )

Poll: Lending out your credit card often leads to disaster -- Nearly half of Americans who have owned credit cards lent them out to other people. For a third of them, it didn't end well ... (See Lending out cards)

Poll: 16 million Americans fear stolen cellphone more than identity theft -- Experts say personal data theft is a greater danger, but losing your cellphone also has risks ... (See Equifax breach and cellphone poll)

Citi to refund $330 million in interest charges to cardholders -- Citi discovered errors in re-evaluating APRs for millions of cardholders who resumed on-time payments after slipping up ... (See Citi refund )

Should you transfer someone else's balance to your credit card? -- Assuming another's high-interest debt can help them lower their debt costs, but you may never get paid back ... (See Balance transfer )

Fed: Card balances rose by $5.1 billion in December -- Card balances rose to a new all-time high in December, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See Debt )

Protect your credit score when churning rewards cards -- Card churning can hurt your score if you don't have a plan to pay off your balances ... (See Card churning and your credit score)

Financial infidelity poll: 31% say hiding accounts worse than cheating -- Survey shows many Americans may prefer to see their partners take secret lovers than hide bank accounts ... (See Financial infidelity)

Fed: Consumers set all-time revolving debt record in November -- Card balances surged to an all-time high in November, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See G.19 report)

4 credit card trends to watch in 2018 -- Get ready for new rewards and ways to pay, but carrying a balance on your card will become more expensive ... (See Credit card trends)

3 major mobile payment security risks, and how to avoid them -- Experts say mobile payments are safer than physical cards and cash, but they aren't hacker-proof ... (See Mobile payments)

Poll: 3 in 4 parents with adult kids help them pay debts, living expenses -- Moms and dads most likely to pitch in for kids? cellphone bills, transportation costs, our poll finds ... (See Paying adult children's debts)

Fed: Card balances surged by $8.3 billion in October -- Card balances marched toward an all-time high in October, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See G19)

Fed: Card balances passed $1 trillion in September -- Card balances crossed the $1 trillion mark in September, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See Consumer credit report)

It?s the thought that counts: Americans plan holiday gift thrift -- Our new poll suggests consumers are buying modest, meaningful holiday gifts, not big-ticket items ... (See Holiday spending poll)

5 less-obvious ways to damage your credit score -- Missing a credit card payment is a surefire way to mess up your credit score. Here are five less-obvious ways. ... (See Less-obvious card mistakes)

Authorized users: 3 common scenarios for sharing a card account -- Sharing a card account with someone can help them build credit, but it can also blow up in both of your faces ... (See Authorized users)

My credit score?s 750! Why was I denied a card? -- Five reasons why you may be denied a credit card, even if your credit score is excellent ... (See Denied credit card)

Poll: 1 in 4 Americans checked their credit after Equifax breach -- The flood of post-breach consumer action is encouraging, but many still didn't check their credit ... (See Equifax breach)

3 immigrants share how they achieved credit scores over 750 -- Immigrants can achieve high credit scores in the U.S., even though our system is confusing ... (See Immigrants and credit)

Fed: Card balances rose by $5.7 billion in August -- Credit card balances edged closer to the $1 trillion mark in August, according to the Fed ... (See Fed report on card debt)

Over 40 and over 800: Seasoned credit score achievers -- Consumers over 40 may find it hard to pass the 800 credit score threshold. Here are some who did ... (See Scores )

Fund your football fandom with credit card rewards -- Being a football fan can be pricey, but credit card rewards, cash back and other perks can help you save ... (See Football )

Credit bureaus tighten reporting rules: Who wins, who loses? -- Starting July 1, 2017, more documentation required for entries on unpaid taxes, medical debts ... (See Credit reports)

Unexpected hurricane victim: your credit score -- KC Fed research finds storms can devastate credit among the financially unprepared ... (See Hurricanes and credit)

Fed: Card balances jumped by $2.6 billion in July -- Credit card balances barreled toward an all-time record in July, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See Debt )

18 things that hurt your credit score -- Hard inquiries, missing a payment and maxing out a card hurt your credit score. What else does? ... (See Credit score )

16 things that don?t hurt your credit score -- Pulling your credit report and shopping for a home loan leave your credit score unscathed ... (See Credit score )

Millennials? credit card usage lags Gen-Xers as young adults -- More debit cards and shorter credit histories explains millennials' lagging credit card use ... (See Cards)

Poll: Recurring charges are easy to get into, hard to get out of -- Thirty-five percent of consumers signed up for accounts that enrolled them in auto-pay without them realizing it ... (See Poll)

How identity theft affects your credit score -- Identity theft can hamper your ability to get loans, but you can avoid long-term impact ... (See Theft)

Fed: U.S. consumers shatter all-time card debt record -- U.S. consumers shattered the all-time record for credit card debt in June, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See Card debt)

Do you have a creditworthy personality? -- Psychometric credit scoring uses personality tests to gauge creditworthiness. Could it come to the U.S.? ... (See Credit score)

Credit monitoring: When is it worth paying for? -- Some consumers see credit monitoring as a waste of money, but others swear by it ... (See Monitoring)

Under 30 and over 800: Young credit score achievers -- Excellent credit takes time, but it is possible to achieve an 800-plus credit score in your 20s ... (See Scores )

Bad credit? You?re still a target for identity thieves -- Many consumers believe identity thieves won't touch them because of their poor credit. It's not true ... (See Identity theft)

Fed: Card balances jump $7.3 billion in May -- Credit card balances continued their sprint toward an all-time high in May, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See Debt )

FICO: Average credit score reaches 700, an all-time high -- A strong economy and the erasure of recession-era negative credit report items have boosted credit scores ... (See FICO)

6 percent of FICO scores to change under new credit rules -- The credit bureaus will remove all civil judgment and most tax lien data from credit files starting July 1 ... (See FICO)

Poll: Women better at credit than men, they just don't know it -- Men were more likely than women to incorrectly indicate that age, marital status and ethnicity are credit score factors ... (See Credit)

Sally Taylor-Shoff: Trended data a no-go for FICO -- FICO's Sally Taylor-Shoff says there's little evidence trended data helps lenders or credit card issuers ... (See FICO)

TransUnion to pay $60 million to consumers flagged as criminals -- A jury sided with a consumer who claimed TransUnion violated federal law over OFAC alerts ... (See Suit)

CFPB: Many low-income consumers start credit on a bad note -- Lower-income consumers are more likely than those with higher incomes to become "credit visible" with negative items, according to the CFPB ... (See Credit)

Fed: Card balances rise $1.5 billion in April -- Credit card balances continued to creep toward an all-time high in April, according to a federal report released Wednesday ... (See Debt )

5-star reviews may help your small business get credit -- Online reviews, social check-ins are tested as credit scoring data, amid skepticism ... (See Yelp!)

How a high-limit card can boost your credit score -- A high-limit card can give your credit score a lift by increasing your available credit ... (See Card)

Fed: Card balances rose $1.9 billion in March -- Credit card balances continued to flirt with the $1 trillion mark in March, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See Consumer debt)

Poll: 2 in 5 Americans lose sleep over health care costs -- Americans lose sleep over health care more than any other money worry, according to a new poll ... (See Worries)

Best credit-building strategies after graduating college -- There are many ways to build your credit, whether you're working full time, freelancing or traveling ... (See College)

Poll: Charging cheap items is cool with cardholders -- We pay by credit cards for most big buys, and more small ones than ever ... (See Small purchases)

Fed makes it official: Card balances reach $1 trillion -- Credit card balances have surpassed $1 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve ... (See Debt )

Artificial intelligence shines new light on ?credit invisibles? -- Credit scorers are using artificial intelligence to analyze alternative consumer data, but some in the industry are wary ... (See AI)

Zero to 750: What?s the fastest way to raise your credit score? -- It takes time to build excellent credit, but a few methods can help raise your credit score fast ... (See 750)

How tax liens affect your credit score -- Credit bureaus will scrub some unpaid tax debts, court judgments from reports, but those that remain will still sting ... (See Tax lien)

What happens when you go over your credit limit? -- Credit card issuers can't charge over-limit fees without your permission ... (See Over-limit)

CFPB reports credit reporting industry doing better -- The CFPB has made strides to protect consumers from credit report mix-ups, but it may not live to finish the job ... (See CFPB)

Can paying off your mortgage hurt your credit score? -- Paying off your mortgage shouldn't hurt your credit score, but results may vary based on other credit factors ... (See Mortgage)

Tax refund delayed? It?s best to wait -- Many taxpayers will receive their refunds later than usual this year. How can you fill the void? And should you? ... (See Refund)

Poll: Cardholders love rewards but many don?t shop around -- Cardholders love rewards, but many of them don't shop around for new card offers, according to a new poll ... (See Poll)

In-car payments: A wallet that's truly mobile -- Mobile wallets are coming to car dashboards. Is shopping while driving worth the risk? ... (See In-car payments)

Fed: Card balances up $2.4 billion in December -- Credit card balances rolled on toward $1 trillion in December, according to a report by the Federal Reserve ... (See Debt)

How does a balance transfer affect your credit score? -- A balance transfer is a great way to eliminate short-term debt, but it can have an impact on your credit score ... (See Score)

Who can furnish payment info to credit bureaus? -- Behind on repaying a loan from a friend or family member? They can?t report you to a credit bureau. ... (See Furnish)

2017 Balance Transfer Survey: Act now before 0% deals dry up -- Balance transfer offers have held steady over the past two years, but issuers may get less generous as interest rates rise ... (See Survey)

Americans' credit card debt hits $1 trillion -- Our national credit card balance is hitting $1 trillion this month - the highest level since the Great Recession ... (See $1 trillion)

FICO?s Scott Zoldi: Card-not-present fraud a growing threat -- FICO analytics chief Scott Zoldi discusses the state of fraud protection amid the EMV shift and the use of trended data ... (See Fraud)

Poll: Americans more optimistic about getting out of debt -- Americans are gaining confidence about becoming debt-free during their lifetimes, according to a new national poll ... (See Debt-free)

4 types of financial helpers: which is best for you? -- Financial helpers can assist with almost any money situation. It's important to know who to call when you're in need ... (See Finances)

Debt-free seniors may find themselves unscorable -- Congratulations! You've paid off your mortgage and all other debt. But you may have lost something else in the process: your credit score ... (See Unscorable seniors)

Mobile wallet providers roll out rewards -- Incentives offered to get more consumers to pay by phone ... (See Mobile)

5 money-saving mobile remittance apps -- New smartphone apps can be used to quickly send money abroad at a lower cost than traditional methods ... (See Apps )

Fed: Card balances up $2.3 billion in October -- Credit card balances continued to inch toward $1 trillion in October, according to the Federal Reserve's G.19 consumer credit report ... (See Debt )

Poll: Sharing credit cards common, but can bring problems -- Sharing a credit card account strengthens bonds, but encourages snooping ... (See Poll)

Fed: Card balances up $4.2 billion in September -- Credit card balances continued to push toward the $1 trillion mark in September, according to the federal government ... (See Fed)

Blockchain could spur credit card rewards revolution -- Blockchain technology, which powers the bitcoin, could change the way we use credit card rewards ... (See Rewards)

Fed: Card balances grew $5.6 billion in August -- Credit card balances continued to surge toward pre-recession levels in August ... (See Credit)

Credit card delinquencies rise but remain near historic lows -- Cardholders have learned their lesson and pay down card debts, says the American Bankers Association ... (See Debt)

Take a businesslike approach to improving your credit -- Want to boost your credit score and increase your borrowing power? Ask a small business owner for financial advice ... (See Credit)

ACH network unveils same-day bill pay -- Running late on a bill? Same Day ACH enables credit card users to make same-day payments to issuers through their online banking systems ... (See Same day)

Paid a charged-off debt; now what? -- It?s not enough to just pay a charge-off and forget about it. There are some cases in which the information about the paid charge-off doesn?t get to the credit reporting agencies. ... (See Debt)

Wells Fargo's huge fine: inside the numbers -- Wells Fargo will pay $185 million for secretly opening unauthorized accounts for its customers, and that's not the only big number connected to the case ... (See Wells Fargo)

Fed: July card balances rise 3.4 percent -- Consumer card debt continues its steady climb upward ... (See Debt)

Credit utilization: How this key scoring factor works -- Aiming for a high FICO score? Pay close attention to how much you owe ... (See Credit utilization)

Historic newspaper archive reveals earliest mentions of credit cards -- Consumer credit in the U.S. has its roots in the late 19th century, and the earliest printed mentions of credit shows we confronted today's challenges then ... (See Credit in U.S. history)

Credit mix: Diversity helps your credit score -- Want a top-notch FICO score? Mix your credit up by using cards and different types of loans ... (See Mix of credit)

New credit: A small but important credit score factor -- Taking on new credit can help or hurt your credit score, depending on what else is in your credit history ... (See New credit)

Length of credit history: What it means to your score -- Age and experience typically prove beneficial to maximize your credit score ... (See Length of credit history)

Payment history: The most important credit score component -- If you never miss a payment, your credit score will remain in good shape ... (See Credit score payment history)

How did that get on my credit report? -- An unpaid streaming TV or dating site account fee could show up on your credit report ... (See Credit report)

What is a credit report? -- You know your credit report is important, but what is it, and how do you check it? ... (See Credit report )

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