Barri Segal

Barri Segal

Barri Segal is a staff reporter at She has 20-plus years of experience in the publishing and advertising industries, writing and editing for all styles, genres, media and audiences. She earned a bachelor of arts in English from Temple University in Philadelphia, and has engaged in a wide variety of continuing education courses in writing and literature. 

Segal loves writing about all things personal finance and hopes she can help others improve their financial health and gain financial freedom.

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These credit cards are best for Gen Z -- Gen-Zers can benefit from cards that offer rich travel and dining rewards. But there are also great options for those who are new to credit. Read on for experts' opinions on the best cards for Gen Z. ... (See Gen Z credit cards)

Apple-Goldman Sachs credit card to launch this spring -- Apple and Goldman Sachs will launch a new joint credit card this spring, according to media reports. It will be linked to new personal finance tools on the iPhone. ... (See Apple-Goldman Sachs credit card)

Credit card debt poll: 56% of balance-carrying cardholders have had debt for at least a year -- According to a new poll from, 56 percent of credit card holders who are carrying balances have been doing so for more than a year. ... (See Long-term credit card debt poll)

J.P. Morgan Chase to launch its own cryptocurrency -- J.P. Morgan Chase is the first major U.S. bank to adopt cryptocurrency. It will test the program on its institutional clients. ... (See JP Morgan Chase cryptocurrency)

BB&T and SunTrust merger will create the sixth-largest bank in the country -- BB&T is merging with SunTrust. It will be the largest bank deal since the financial crisis and will create the sixth-largest U.S. bank. ... (See BB&T merges with SunTrust)

Government shutdown: Equifax offers free credit reports to affected workers -- If you've been affected by the government shutdown, you might be eligible for a free credit report from Equifax. ... (See Equifax free credit report)

Credit card trends to watch for in 2019 -- Read experts' predictions on credit card trends for 2019. Prepare for changes, some of which might benefit you, some of which might not. ... (See Credit card trends for 2019)

ABA found best-credit consumers boosted card spending in Q3 -- Super-prime accounts ? those that consumers with the best credit hold ? saw record purchase volume growth of 10 percent in the third quarter of 2018, according to the American Bankers Association. ... (See ABA Credit Card Market Monitor)

TransUnion shows credit line increases happen early in the year -- Find out when you're most likely to get a credit limit increase or decrease. Understand how that affects consumer behavior. ... (See Credit limits )

Financial infidelity poll: 20% say a secret account is worse than an affair -- How would you feel if your partner was hiding a secret bank account or credit card? Read about how America feels about financial infidelity. ... (See Financial infidelity poll)

Boost your credit score immediately with Experian's new platform -- Experian has launched a new program that allows the credit bureau to access your on-time mobile phone and utility payments, potentially raising your credit score in real time. ... (See Raise your credit score immediately)

How to balance your holiday travel and gift spending -- Learn to balance your holiday gift giving and travel costs. Use experts' advice to help you find the sweet spot. ... (See Holiday travel and spending)

Holiday shopping: Beware the aftermath of credit card spending -- If you plan to be exceptionally generous with your holiday gift buying this year, there are some savvy ways to avoid a financial hangover. ... (See Holiday shopping and debt )

Marriott data breach exposes 500 million guests? information -- Marriott announced on Nov. 30 its Starwood reservation database has been hacked, exposing the personal information of 500 million guests. Millions of guests' credit card information may have been stolen. ... (See Marriott Starwood data breach)

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