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Aundraya Ruse is a former reporter for She graduated with a bachelor's degree in English from Texas Tech University, where her focuses were creative writing and mass communications.

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Infographic: Fewer credit cards among college students -- College students may be getting smarter -- about personal finance, that is; their overall credit card ownership has dropped in the last two years. ... (See Student credit)

Telephone scam artists pay up -- Three men are settling charges for selling credit cards that could only be used to purchase items such as "play flutes." ... (See credit card scam)

Infographic: Mobile banking on the rise for young and old -- A quarterly survey conducted by Citi revealed that consumers who bank using their mobile device is growing, even among older age groups. ... (See Mobile banking rising)

Infographic: Who uses small-dollar loans? -- Fifteen million Americans used small-dollar credit products in 2011, from outfits such as pawnshops, payday lenders and auto title outfits. Who borrows, why and what do they spend their loans on? ... (See Graphic: Small-dollar loans)

Students and parents cutting down college costs -- Parents and students still agree that higher education is an investment in the future, and they are getting even better about funding college. ... (See College costs)

Infographic: Top US cities all improving on paying back debt -- New data shows huge decreases in default rates, and a couple of big U.S. city's residents deserve a pat on the back ... (See Declining credit default rates )

Financial planning important for all income brackets -- The results of a survey indicate that financial planning is beneficial to everyone -- not just the rich ... (See Financial planning)

Consumer confidence erodes, Discover survey says -- After surging earlier this year, consumer confidence is waning again, according to a July 2012 Discover Spending Monitor survey ... (See Consumer confidence)

Business owners turn to bank loans, not business cards, for financing -- Small-business owners seeking funding now see bank loans as their first option, not business credit cards. ... (See Small business financing)

End of recession encourages consumers to start spending smarter -- The road to recovery from the recession is one of change, and the United States is seeing just that in the form of consumers' payment choices ... (See Consumer spending)

Infographic: College graduates make little progress in paying off debt -- Students who have graduated from college are slow to pay back on their debt, according to a Rutgers report. ... (See Student debt)

France credit cards -- Our ongoing series heads to France for a look at credit card use and credit card statistics in the home of great wines and cheeses and the Eiffel Tower ... (See Credit cards around the world)

Infographic: Americans shed credit cards and debt post-recession -- American families are ditching their credit cards -- and their debt -- since the recession, according to a Fed survey. ... (See Credit card debt)

Infographic: Credit card mail offers hit a 25 month low in April -- Credit card mail offers are plummeting, according to recent data. Will the dive that began in December 2011 continue? ... (See Credit card mailings)

Financial education program for military families launched -- Citi and a leading nonprofit credit counseling and education agency team up with veterans' service organizations to help solve financial issues for military families ... (See Financial education)

Hurricane money tips -- Money experts also remind people in hurricane-prone zones to take a few minutes to prepare their fiscal assets, too ... (See Disaster preparedness )

Consumers traveling this summer plan to use rewards, survey says -- Summer is the time to get away for a little while, and according to a survey, consumers are cashing in on those credit card rewards to do so ... (See Vacationers using reward points)

Infographic: After 'I do,' financial skeletons emerge from the closet -- Now you tell me: Nearly half of divorced or separated adults participating in a survey said they found financial skeletons in the closet of their spouse, but not until after marriage. ... (See Secret debt)

Government seizes websites selling stolen credit card info -- The federal government slammed the virtual doors on 36 websites participating in illegal behavior in April. Their crime? Selling and distributing stolen credit card numbers. ... (See Credit card fraud)

Credit card companies at bottom of pack in 'forgiveness' -- American consumers find credit card issuers to be the least forgivable industry, according to an April 2012 survey ... (See Forgiven debt)

Americans are using less cash than 10 years ago, survey says -- The results of a recent survey say Americans will ditch the cash and make purchases electronically. ... (See Payment survey)

Infographic: College graduates afraid of not finding job -- Respondents to an online survey say that of their worries after college, they are most afraid of not finding a job ... (See Student money woes)

Infographic: Brazil top nation for financial literacy, Visa survey finds -- In an April 2012 international survey of 25,000 people, Visa ranks countries in order of financial literacy. Brazil topped the list, and the U.S. finished just out of the medal round ... (See Financial literacy)

Global card transactions up 12% to 135 billion in 2011 -- Credit, debit and prepaid card transactions have been on the rise, according to findings published by an industry analyst ... (See Credit card transactions)

Federal watchdog gives consumers a chance to speak on arbitration -- The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is giving consumers and banking industry representatives a chance to speak their minds about the long-disputed matter of arbitration ... (See Credit card arbitration)

Study: Women get stuck with higher credit card interest rates -- Women not only are more likely to carry a balance, but they're less likely to comparison shop for credit cards, says a study ... (See Credit card interest rates)

Smartphones will become the new credit cards, experts say -- Within a decade, says a new survey, smartphones will take over as Americans' favorite money-storing and spending devices. They will become our wallets. ... (See Mobile payments)

Tennessee surpasses Nevada to claim sad crown: State where bankruptcies are most likely -- Bankruptcy filings continued their decline nationally in the first quarter of 2012, nowhere more sharply than the Silver State ... (See Bankruptcy filings)

Financial literacy survey shows consumers lack basic money skills -- A new financial literacy survey reveals a "disturbing" lack of knowledge pertaining to personal finance among U.S. adults. ... (See Financial literacy)

American Express, others yank retail gift cards from New Jersey -- A fight has erupted in New Jersey over who should be able to hold onto unclaimed gift card money, and American Express and other companies say they're pulling their cards from distribution in the state as a result. ... (See Unclaimed gift card money)

Survey: We'll put refunds into savings, pay off debt, or buy electronics -- A survey says most of us will dutifully save this year's refunds or pay off debts, but another big chunk of us will head to the mall to satisfy our cravings for electronics ... (See Tax refunds)

Auto loan payments now outrank mortgage, credit cards -- Mortgage payments used to come first, then housing collapsed. Credit card bills took priority after that, but today, it's car payments that are paid first ... (See Debt payment rankings)

Survey: Fear keeps consumers from making mobile payments -- Despite the rise of mobile payment technology, a March 2012 Federal Reserve study says consumers remain skeptical about the safety of mobile payment transactions ... (See Mobile payment security)

Chilean credit cards -- Our ongoing series moves to South America where we visit Chile. ... (See Chile)

Filipino credit cards -- Our ongoing series moves to The Philippines. ... (See Philippines)

Israel's credit cards -- Our series moves to Israel. ... (See Israel)

Turkey credit cards -- Our series moves to Turkey, a growing nation that's struggling with astronomical credit card interest rates. ... (See Turkey)

Argentina credit cards -- Our series moves to Argentina for a look at how credit cards are used in this vibrant South American nation. ... (See Argentina)

South Korea credit cards -- Our ongoing series heads to Asia for a look at credit card use and credit card statistics in South Korea. ... (See South Korea)

Brazil credit cards -- Our ongoing series heads to Brazil for a look at credit card use and credit card statistics in the soccer-mad home of Carnaval and supermodels. ... (See Brazil)

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