Author: Anna Bleker

Anna Bleker

I’m Anna Bleker, the multimedia intern at I help create illustrations and interactive features to accompany editorial stories. I also hog all of the Monster energy drinks in the break room. I’m physically dependent. As a rhetoric major at the University of Texas at Austin, I’ve interned at a lifestyle magazine and small marketing company and freelanced countless design gigs over weak coffee and Ruffles. I’m also an avid painter: I show my work at a couple of Austin galleries and paint commissions for extra cash (mostly, to buy textbooks-well, hair dye, keyboarding equipment and cheesesteaks). I plan to get sunburned purple at the Austin City Limits festival. In my wallet there are a couple student IDs, about 40 business cards and the creepy Hawaii State Quarter, but no credit card: I just use debit for now. In a few months I’ll get a credit card, once I’m sure I won’t forfeit my credit score for chai lattes and puggle calendars. Anna Bleker was an intern and multimedia assistant for from 2009-2011.