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Charged Up! podcast: How to plan your finances for life

Investment and wealth professional George Kinder details three questions you should answer in order to understand your life goals.

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Video: Card rewards help pay for marathon runner's travels

Marathoner Renee Manuel's goal is to run in races in all 50 states, and her credit cards are helping her get there.

"Traveling to 50 states can be really expensive," says Manuel, who works in sales at Coursera in San Francisco. To cut her costs, she planned strategically and has used her points to fund every trip so far.

Watch our video to see how airline and hotel cards – and booking trips as far ahead of time as possible – can help you to hit the ground running, like Manuel is doing.

With five marathons of her goal of 50 under her belt, Manuel will be running and redeeming her card rewards for years to come.

'Opening Credits'
Q&A with Erica Sandberg

Credit damage as youth
can haunt you as an adult

Opening Credits columnist Erica Sandberg

An old unpaid card bill can drag your scores down for years.
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of no annual fee cards

balance transfer card reviews

Check out our reviews of no annual fee cards, which compare and rate cards based on their rewards value, ease of redemption, and perks and features.

Our 3 best rewards credit cards

Best rewards credit cards: Spring 2017

Our three best rewards credit cards offer new high-dollar sign-up bonuses, plentiful rewards points, thoughtful perks and flexible redemption policies.

Credit card statistics

Digital banking surges
among U.S. consumers

Whether it's just checking one's credit card charges or opening a new checking or savings account, we're increasingly using digital banking instead of stopping at a branch, our latest online and mobile banking statistics show. study
of favorite cards and benefits

Poll: We love card rewards,
but many don't change cards

While 55 million cardholders rank rewards and cash back as the best benefits of the card they use most often, 38 percent of those polled said they had not changed their most-used card within the past 10 years or ever, our card rewards survey finds.

'Taking Charge' blog

Kelly Dilworth A little retail therapy
can combat anxiety

Kelly Dilworth | 3/28/2017

Retail therapy can help if you stay on budget and buy things that help you solve problems. See more

Cash back cards become
more generous with rewards

Credit cards rewarding 1.5 percent, 2 percent and 2.5 percent are now offered for the "set it and forget it" crowd. Cards with the richest cash back come with some strings, though.

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Credit card tip of the day

When choosing a frequent flyer card, consider one linked to an airline that operates a hub at your local airport.

Updated: 03-29-2017