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People spend more as temperatures rise

Sunny days increase
credit card spending

The so-called "sunshine effect" increases a consumer's annual median credit card spending by $979, researchers found.

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With financial setbacks, many turn to credit cards

Almost two-thirds of Americans surveyed said they faced a financial setback in 2017, and about a third said they'd turn to their plastic to cover a big unexpected expense in 2018, a new survey found.

In fact, credit cards were the top choice (36 percent) of ways to deal with a sudden financial blow, the National Endowment for Financial Education survey found. Emergency savings was the No. 2 choice at 31 percent, and cash finished third at 28 percent.

NEFE's annual survey on consumer expectations was fielded in December 2017 and released Jan. 4, 2018.

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Financial setbacks common, and we expect to pay with credit

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'Speaking of Credit'
Q&A with Barry Paperno

How quickly can my score
recover from a late payment?

'Speaking of Credit' Q&A with Barry Paperno

You can recoup points lost due to a late payment as soon as you mend the error, but undoing the damage takes time. See Expert Q&A

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New PenFed travel card
rewards everyday spending

The new PenFed Pathfinder Rewards American Express card offers up to 4 points per dollar on travel purchases, a 25,000-point sign-up bonus and a limited-time 0-percent intro APR on balance transfers. Read our PenFed Pathfinder rewards card review.

Southwest cards' bonus
boosted to 50,000 points

The sign-up bonus for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus and Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier cards has been bumped to 50,000 points. We looked at both cards to determine which one offers the best rewards in the first year.'s 3 best low-interest credit cards

Best low interest credit cards 2017

If you're planning to carry a credit card balance, you'll want to steer clear of high-yield rewards cards. Our three low-interest credit cards let you carry a balance for more than a year without paying interest and offer affordable standard APRs.

Limited time: Navy Fed cuts
balance transfer APR to 0%

Navy Federal Credit Union has announced a limited-time offer: New and existing cardholders will enjoy a 0-percent interest rate on balance transfers for 12 months when they transfer a balance to a Navy Fed card. Read on to know all the details.

'Taking Charge' blog

Stephanie Zito

Know hotel 'categories'
to book the perfect stay

Stephanie Zito | 1/17/2018

Whether you prefer pampering or just need a bed, your credit card rewards points can be your ticket to a great stay – especially if you understand how to use hotel categories. See more

Poll: 2 in 3 U.S. adults doubt
they'll ever be debt-free

Living debt-free ... a majority of U.S. adults with debt say they don't think that will ever be a reality. Another finding in our living debt-free survey: We grow gloomier about our debt-free prospects as we age.

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8 ways to negotiate lower credit card fees, interest and debt: If you want a lower interest rate or fees waived, ask. Here are eight ways to increase the chance that you'll get what you want.

Updated: 01-18-2018