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The best business card perks
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Cellphone protection. Airport lounge access. Here are some of the best business card perks you might have been overlooking.

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AmEx credit card mobile app leads in satisfaction

In 2018, U.S. credit card and overall banking mobile app studies both achieved the highest customer ratings of any industry in which J.D. Power measures satisfaction.

Among the credit card companies, American Express jumped from a sixth-place satisfaction score of 863 last year to first place in 2018 with a score of 894. With several interface improvements and added features implemented over the past year, the American Express credit card mobile app was the only one to garner a double-digit gain over 2017's score

Capital One, meanwhile, ranked highest in overall U.S. banking mobile app satisfaction for a second consecutive year.

J.D. Power's 2018 U.S. Credit Card App Satisfaction and U.S. Banking App Satisfaction studies were fielded in April-May 2018, with results released June 8.

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'Speaking of Credit' Q&A with Barry Paperno

Credit scoring effect of opening vs. closing credit cards

'Speaking of Credit' Q&A with Barry Paperno

Opening and closing a credit card can both have negative effects on your score, although it is short-lived. The good news is, you don't need to close a card in order to open a new one. See Expert Q&A

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Chase unveils Q3
cash back category

From July 1 to Sept. 30, 2018, Chase Freedom cardholders can earn 5 percent back on gas station, Lyft and Walgreens purchases, upon enrollment. You can now activate the third-quarter bonus category.

BofA Cash Rewards vs. AmEx Blue Cash Preferred®

The Bank of America Cash Rewards card offers 3 percent cash back on up to $2,500 in combined gas, grocery and wholesale purchases each quarter, and the Blue Cash Preferred®: card offers 3 percent cash back at U.S. gas stations.

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New AmEx Cash MagnetSM offers $300 bonus, 1.5% flat cash back

American Express has launched a new cash back card that offers an introductory bonus of up to $300 and unlimited 1.5 percent cash back on every purchase. Read on to see if it's the right card for you.

Poll: Millennials are worst tippers

Young adults age 18-37 are much less keen on tipping than their older counterparts, according to a new survey by The survey shows that millennials' attitudes toward tipping tend to be stingier across the board.

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'Travel expense' covers a few surprising areas: Some rewards cards count ride-shares, vacation rentals, even parking fees as travel.

Updated: 06-21-2018