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Credit report disputes

5 ways not to make mistakes with credit report disputes

Some errors start before the first dispute is even filed. And always keep good records of your dispute.

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Video: How to meditate your way out of debt

Meditating may not leap to mind as a way to get out of debt, but debt anxiety is real: It can keep you awake at night, inhibit your ability to work and even result in panic attacks and depression.

All of this can make it harder to craft a plan to pay off your debt.

Meditation – Just sitting down and thinking of all the assets you have available to you can help – says Mary Joan Cunningham, a meditation instructor, film producer and writer. Meditation helped Cunningham when she was in debt.

“Start with 3 minutes the first three days, then expand it to 5 minutes, then 7 minutes and build up to a 15-minute practice daily,” Cunningham says.

In that way, mastering meditation is like conquering debt – start off a little at a time, make it routine, and gradually increase as your ability grows.

Watch our video for more of Cunningham's tips on meditation and debt.

'Your Business Credit'
Q&A with Elaine Pofeldt

How a business can fight
fraudulent online orders

Your Business Credit expert Elaine Pofeldt

Be alert for red flags, and some tech tools also can help.
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Best low-interest credit cards: winter 2016

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Credit card statistics

Average credit scores
are trending up

Credit scores are key indicators of Americans' credit health. Find out who has the best scores, who checks their credit reports and how Americans describe their credit in our statistics on credit scores.'s study
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4 purchase protections
are popular but vary by card

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Jay MacDonald Mastercard seeks patent
on guessing your size

Jay MacDonald | 1/13/2017

How would you feel if an airline assigned you a seat based on your body size, using data your credit card issuer collected from your shopping habits? See more

Avoid these 5 traps
of balance transfers

There are advantages with 0 percent balance transfer cards – often breathing room of anywhere from nine to 21 months to pay off what you owe – but there are pitfalls, too. Here's how to avoid five traps of balance transfers.

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Credit card tip of the day

Card debt is being charged off, now what? First off, a charge-off does not mean that you are off the hook for your debt.

Updated: 01-16-2017