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Friday, February 27th 2015

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Closing joint bank accounts after a breakup
Pros and cons of charging automatic payments to a credit card
Personal loan consolidation won't help win a mortgage
Should I close card accounts to get a mortgage?
Debt settlement vs. credit counseling: similar aims, different means
Prepaying principal, paying ahead not the same
Taking over parents' finances: first steps
Pros and cons of becoming a first-time landlord
How to keep but not go broke with expensive friends
Tips for turning your part-time hobby into a full-time job
To fight high energy bills, find the likely suspects
Saving money versus paying off debt
Options you haven't thought of for raising quick cash
Checklist for new graduates looking to rent 1st apartment
Death, wills, remarriages can all change inheritances
Don't be a victim of home burglaries
Ways to save on dry cleaning
Recycling, rebuilding old furniture as a DIY money-maker
Should I tap into my 401(k) to buy my retirement haven?
Don't blow your inheritance
Managing your fashion-forward teen's clothing allowance
What to know before jumping into a rent-to-own lease
Stretching a food budget to the extreme
Dealing with $8,000 card debt hidden from husband
A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables needn't eat up your budget
Doing the math to calculate your retirement savings goal
10 tips for having a frugal wedding
Withdrawing vs. borrowing from 401(k) to pay credit card debt
Getting your family to eat generic grocery store brands
3 keys to successful yard sales: prepare, advertise, organize
Frugal freezer tips for proper meat storage
How to check whether your parents left you an inheritance
Moms: Finding part-time work tough, but possible
Work hours cut back? You have hard budget choices ahead
Tips for setting up a teen's clothing allowance
Pluses, minuses of renting out a spare bedroom
13 inexpensive Valentine's Day gift ideas
Keeping costs low on a kitchen remodeling
MM-mmm, cheap: Finding inexpensive food, recipes
Inexpensive alternatives to buying a new sofa
Know the 8 emotional spending triggers
How to stick with a frugal lifestyle
Finding an affordable, safe handyman
Advantages, drawbacks to owning a duplex
How to cut a bare-bones budget even further
No health care insurance? 6 tips to deal with emergency room bills
Finances in a second marriage: talk it out first
A free lunch? No, but these tips can hold down lunchtime costs
Demographics don't lie: Social Security is slowly going broke
A dog for Christmas? Consider all the costs
Money lessons can save young adults from financial crisis
How to sell used furniture
Using personal loans to pay off credit card debt
2 do's and 8 don'ts for boomers planning retirement
401(k) risk: Money in limbo due to employer bankruptcy
'Pay yourself first' method can force you to save
Setting prices on the creations of your craft, hobby
What it means when a debt is 'written off'
Tips for holding down costs of pet food, vet care
How to build a home-based business frugally
How budgets fail (and how to make yours succeed)
Gym cost too much? Inexpensive exercise alternatives abound
If layoff looms, don't touch your 401(k) plan money
Renters' tips for reducing summer cooling bills
Cooperation key to a frugal family reunion
Mortgage paid off? Weigh your windfall choices carefully
How to price garage sale items
Paying down debt vs. saving: how to decide
If your job's uncertain, avoid new debt
3 simple steps to having a frugally cool summer
When to tackle a do-it-yourself home repair project, when to call a pro
Traditional vacation vs. keeping the mortgage paid up
We the frugal are frustrated with you spendthrift braggarts
Tips for teachers with children facing a no-income summer
How to stop home burglaries cheaply
To fix budget problems, try the 'divide and conquer' technique
Buying a first band instrument? To avoid the blues, shop used
Follow the rules carefully to claim your rebate
Home addition? Budget, plan and know what you can do yourself
Can a new mom afford to stay at home?
Tips for landing a good, reliable used car when you have bad credit
8 questions to ask to make sure of wise buying decisions
Burglary worries? Choose the right home insurance policy
You're marrying your fiance's debts, too
How to teach your children basic financial concepts
Bad credit mortgage alternatives
Broke? Bad credit? Say humbug to lousy holiday loans
How to set children's allowances
Easy, inexpensive home heating tips
Beyond couponing: How big families can cut their food budgets
How (and why) to calculate your net worth
Common tricks and traps in credit card fine print
Why every student needs a bit of economics
Moves to make if you expect another economic storm
Taking out a 401(k) loan? Be ready to repay if you lose your job
Does company bankruptcy put 401(k) retirement fund at risk?
Where are you financially vulnerable?
How charge-offs work, how they affect your credit
Bride, groom from different financial worlds need to talk, budget
How to calculate the energy cost of appliances
You've got to know your 'monthly nut'
Rich bride, poor groom and mom can't pay country club reception tab
Figuring out how much rent you can afford
Frugality's about value, not about being cheap
Options, strategies for negotiating a lower credit card rate
Building a better envelope budgeting system
Alternate strategies to saving for emergency funds
Tips for finding fun while staying frugal
Tips for getting grown children out of the nest
How to diagnose your financial health
Inflation is coming; here's how it will hurt
Finding frugal-friendly family fun
In your 40s? It's not to early to plan for retirement
As gas prices rise, will buying an electric car save money?
Should you put your money in a mattress?
Pull the plug to save some money on a little-used refrigerator
Want grocery store bargains? It's easy: Look high and low
Buying a car? Know your budget, save up, plan in advance
How to cut back on credit card spending
In hard times, keeping credit lines high may trump paying off debt
Renters: How to protect yourself if your landlord faces foreclosure
Upside down in your mortgage? Consider credit before walking away
How to prepay your auto loan: 3 steps
How big a home can you afford in retirement?
Retirement in sight? Balance your risk tolerance, need for growth
Save 401(k) hardship withdrawals for true emergencies
How to balance the family budget when starting a new business
Been bad with credit cards? How to start handling them again, wisely
1st credit card? Even if terms aren't the best, think before canceling
Transfer car loan to a low-rate credit card? Yes, but carefully
Interchange fee changes coming, and what that means for consumers
Mad at card issuers? Don't take it out on your own credit
The first step in any budget: monitoring spending
A 'live for today' man seeks 'save for tomorrow' motivation
Want to cut electric bills? Beware the 'phantom loads'
Gary Foreman: Ask for a lower credit limit? Why?
How to deal with debt after a divorce when ex-spouse won't pay
A generic budget: Guidelines for spending categories
How to haggle to reduce your credit card debt and rates
How to re-establish responsible credit card use after debt problems
Co-signing a daughter's mortgage endangers retirement plans
Filling your car's tires with nitrogen not worth the added cost
Don't be afraid of online coupon services -- they save money, too
Should you ever co-sign a loan?
How to create a price book to help you comparison shop
Don't use 401(k) to pay off credit card debt
Is Dad responsible for stepmom's credit card debt after her death?
Buying a car? Know the 3 main costs of auto ownership
Making a budget? Break down the 'Big 4' expenses first
When must you start to make 401(k) withdrawals?
A 'workout plan' to shed debt, build credit scores
How to face a student loan debt disaster
Evaluate financing when deciding new car vs. used
How to keep up the enthusiasm for saving, fight 'frugal fatigue'
Odds are, you're better off retiring debt with a windfall
Your first budget in 3 easy steps
Trying to cut back on spending? Go BIG!
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