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08/21/2015Chicago Tribune Paying big debts first might not be best, study says
08/20/2015WNYW-TV New York City Mobile payments catch on slowly
08/18/2015San Antonio Express-NewsCredit card debt reflects low incomes here
08/12/2015Refinery29Death By 1,000 Small Purchases
08/12/2015KTLA-TV Los AngelesHere’s Why Your New Credit Card Comes With A Shiny Chip On It
08/11/2015WVUE-TV New OrleansBusinesses, consumers prepare for credit card shift to smart chip
08/10/2015Kiplinger10 Reasons You Will Never Get Out of Debt
08/07/2015InvestopediaThe Top 3 Financial Mistakes Couples Make
08/07/2015USNews.comWhat The Song Of The Summer Can Teach Us About Credit
08/07/2015PBS Nightly Business ReportWhy credit card debt is getting riskier
08/06/2015CNBC.comWhy credit card is getting riskier
08/05/2015Detroit Free PressPack up financial tips before heading to college
08/04/2015MarketWatchThe best and worst frequent flier programs
08/04/2015KCBS Radio San FranciscoEMV Credit Cards Interview with KCBS Radio San Francisco
08/03/2015KPRC-TV HoustonHow secure are new chipped credit cards?
07/31/2015WRKO Radio BostonLocal credit card debt survey
07/30/2015TheStreet.comConsumers Should Skip Hype and Choose Credit Cards with Lowest Fees
07/29/2015Houston ChronicleMedian income affects debt levels across America
07/28/2015WIOD Radio MiamiCredit Card Debt Survey Interview with WIOD Radio Miami
07/28/2015KERA Radio DallasTexas Is Home To Three Of Five Worst Big Cities For Credit Card Debt
07/28/2015Los Angeles TimesSome small businesses still unsure about credit card chip technology
07/28/2015Learnvest10 Cities With the Highest (and Lowest) Credit Card Burdens
07/27/2015Houston Chronicle Residents of major Texas cities have plenty of credit card debt
07/27/2015Consumerist Which Cities Have The Highest/Lowest Credit Card Debt Burden?
07/27/ How Long Does It Take To Pay Off Credit Card Debt?
07/27/2015CNBC TV America’s No. 1 Debt City
07/27/ It takes 16 months to pay off credit card balance in this city
07/27/2015CBS MoneyWatch U.S. cities with the biggest credit card debt burden
07/27/2015MarketWatch 5 most credit card debt burdened cities in America
07/27/ This City Has the Highest Debt Burden
07/27/2015Marketplace Where you live will cost you
07/27/2015Boston Globe Bostonians have a not-so-secret secret to paying off debt
07/27/2015Dallas Morning News Plastic city: Survey says D-FW residents’ credit card debt burden is second-largest in U.S.
07/27/2015Washington Post The cities where people have the most credit card debt
07/27/2015KNX Radio Los AngelesCredit Card Debt Survey Interview with KNX Radio Los Angeles
07/27/2015Atlanta Journal-Constitution If you live in Atlanta, it might take longer to pay off credit cards
07/27/2015San Antonio Express-News San Antonio has highest credit card debt burden
07/27/2015KCBS Radio San FranciscoCredit Card Debt Survey Interview with KCBS Radio San Francisco
07/27/2015ABC News RadioCredit Card Debt Survey Interview with ABC News Radio
07/27/2015CBS RadioCredit Card Debt Survey Interview with CBS Radio
07/27/2015KYW Radio PhiladelphiaCredit Card Debt Survey Interview with KYW Radio Philadelphia
07/27/2015WLRN Radio Miami Study: South Florida Fourth Worst Credit Card Debt Burden In Country
07/23/2015Lifehacker The Credit Cards With the Most (and Fewest) Fees
07/23/ Is the Amazon Prime credit card right for you?
07/22/2015Washington Post 5 credit card fees you might not expect
07/21/2015WNYW-TV Fox New York Credit card fees can weigh on your finances
07/21/2015WTOP Radio WashingtonChip & Pin Credit Cards Interview with WTOP Radio Washington
07/20/2015Sarasota Herald-Tribune Lot of fees tacked on to credit cards
07/18/2015Houston Chronicle Small-business Q&A: Switching to chip credit cards
07/17/2015Compass Media NetworkFee Roundup Survey Interview with Compass Media Network
07/17/2015KGMI Radio Bellingham, WAFee Roundup Survey Interview with KGMI Radio Bellingham, WA
07/17/2015WSYR Radio SyracuseFee Roundup Survey Interview with WSYR Radio Syracuse
07/16/2015Bloomberg RadioFee Roundup Survey Interview with Bloomberg Radio
07/16/2015KGO Radio San FranciscoFee Roundup Survey Interview with KGO Radio San Francisco
07/16/2015KTAR Radio PhoenixFee Roundup Survey Interview with KTAR Radio Phoenix
07/16/2015USA Today 100 credit cards surveyed: 1 card has 0 fees; 2 have 12
07/16/2015Wall Street Journal Credit Card Fee Income on the Rise
07/16/ Credit cards with the most and fewest fees
07/16/2015Los Angeles Times Credit cards: the good, the bad and the subprime lender with 12 fees
07/16/ Tackling Credit Card Debt
07/16/2015WINA Radio Charlottesville, VA These Credit Cards have the Most/Fewest Fees
07/16/2015CBS MoneyWatch Beware of credit cards with excessive fees
07/16/2015Marketwatch 6 outrageous credit card fees you shouldn’t have to pay
07/16/2015Money These Credit Cards Will Hit You With the Most Fees
07/16/ 7 dangerous credit card mistakes you’re making
07/16/2015The Fiscal Times When it comes to fees, these credit cards are worst
07/16/2015UPI Issuers favor fees says new credit card survey
07/16/2015KOMO Radio SeattleFee Roundup Survey Interview with KOMO Radio Seattle
07/16/2015WCCO Radio MinnesotaFee Roundup Survey Interview with WCCO Radio Minnesota
07/16/2015WLW Radio CincinnatiFee Roundup Survey Interview with WLW Radio Cincinnati
07/15/ It doesn’t always pay to avoid credit cards with fees
07/15/2015Lifehacker What to Do About Debt When You’ve Lost Your Job
07/15/ 5 Best Credit Cards For Summer Hotel Rewards
07/10/2015Los Angeles Times If you’re going to Greece, 6 things you need to know right now
07/09/2015Fortune 3 reasons the average American may be worse off than Greece
07/09/2015WJXT-TV Jacksonville, FL Make sure to sign your credit cards
07/07/2015Compass Media NetworksSports Credit Cards Interview with Compass Media Networks
07/07/2015Investors Business Daily Do Money Woes Make You Lose Sleep? You’re Not Alone
07/06/2015KXNT Radio Las VegasSports Credit Cards Interview with KXNT Radio Las Vegas
07/05/2015Los Angeles Times Here’s how Fed rate hike would pinch borrowers
07/01/2015KTAR Radio PhoenixSports Credit Cards Interview with KTAR Radio Phoenix
07/01/ Why it’s time to score a sports team’s credit card
07/01/ Many Americans Losing Sleep Over Money
07/01/2015Chicago Tribune Your favorite team could earn you credit card rewards
06/30/2015KKOH Radio Reno, NVMoney Worries Interview with KKOH Radio Reno, NV
06/29/2015ABC News RadioMoney Worries Interview with ABC News Radio
06/29/2015KXNT Radio Las VegasMoney Worries Interview with KXNT Radio Las Vegas
06/27/2015Bloomberg RadioMoney Worries Interview with Bloomberg Radio
06/26/2015Mashable The majority of Americans lose sleep over money problems, survey says
06/26/2015WIOD Radio MiamiMoney Worries Interview with WIOD Radio Miami
06/26/2015WBZ Radio BostonMoney Worries Interview with WBZ Radio Boston
06/26/2015KGO Radio San FranciscoMoney Worries Interview with KGO Radio San Francisco
06/26/2015KGMI Radio Bellingham, WAMoney Worries Interview with KGMI Radio Bellingham, WA
06/26/2015Inc. The Biggest Reason Most Americans Are Losing Sleep
06/26/2015Huffington Post Retirement Planning Fears: Tips For Older Americans Losing Sleep
06/25/ Education angst is growing among 18- to 34-year-olds
06/25/ Jean Chatzky’s advice on how to stop losing sleep over money
06/25/2015Yahoo Finance Money is keeping you awake
06/25/2015US News and World Report Financial Woes Keep Many Americans Up at Night
06/25/2015Orange County RegisterCould the high cost of housing become a hot-button issue in the presidential campaign?
06/25/2015CBS Moneywatch Losing sleep over money problems? You’re not alone
06/25/ This Worry Keeps 62% of Americans Up at Night
06/25/2015KOMO Radio SeattleMoney Worries Interview with KOMO Radio Seattle
06/25/2015KTAR Radio PhoenixMoney Worries Interview with KTAR Radio Phoenix
06/24/2015Newsday Money Fix: Credit card cash advances loaded with fees
06/23/2015Daily Finance How to find the best travel rewards credit card
06/19/2015St. Cloud Times Apple Pay inches into area before chip cards arrive
06/19/2015Columbus Dispatch Guide to Life: How to pick the best credit card
06/19/ Summer vacation spending leads to debt hangovers
06/13/2015San Jose Mercury News Apple, Google bet on walletless future, but are shoppers ready to pay with phone?
06/12/2015International Business Times The Travel Agent You Didn’t Know You Had — In Your Wallet
06/11/2015MarketWatch How to save 20% on every Uber ride for a year
06/10/2015USA Today Those credit card checks may not be so convenient
06/10/2015Washington Post Never had a credit card before? Here are your options
06/10/2015La Opinion La fea realidad de los adelantos en efectivo de tarjetas
06/10/2015WSYR RadioApple Pay Interview with WSYR Radio Syracuse
06/10/2015KXNT Radio Las VegasApple Pay Interview with KXNT Radio Las Vegas
06/09/2015MarketWatch Reasons to rebel against Virgin’s Sex Pistols branded credit card
06/09/2015WRKO Radio BostonApple Pay Interview with WRKO Radio Boston
06/09/2015WINA NewsRadio Charlottesville, VA Should you toss your wallet because of these Apple Pay changes?
06/08/2015Bloomberg RadioApple Pay Interview with Bloomberg Radio
06/08/2015WIOD Radio MiamiApple Pay Interview with WIOD Radio Miami
06/07/2015KOMO Radio SeattleCash Advances Interview with KOMO Radio Seattle
06/06/2015Rudy Maxa's World Credit card cash advances and travel
06/05/2015Daily Worth Before Tying the Knot, Master the Money Talk
06/03/2015MarketWatch The sneaky way credit card companies trick you into paying up to 36% interest
06/03/2015Washington Post The danger behind the ‘convenient checks’ you’re getting in the mail
06/03/2015Forbes Skip Credit Card Cash Advances: Convenience Costs Too Much
06/03/2015Los Angeles Times Travel tip: Why a cash advance is a bad idea when you’re on vacation
06/03/ Bad Credit: How Much a Cash Advance Will Really Cost You
06/03/2015WCCO Radio MinnesotaCash Advances Interview with WCCO Radio Minnesota
06/03/2015WRKO Radio BostonCash Advances Interview with WRKO Radio Boston
05/25/2015Bloomberg RadioFraud Alert False Alarms Interview with Bloomberg Radio
05/22/2015KXAN-TV Austin Report: Credit card fraud alerts often false alarms
05/22/2015KGO Radio San FranciscoFraud Alert False Alarms Interview with KGO Radio San Francisco
05/21/2015WCCO Radio MinnesotaFraud Alert False Alarms Interview with WCCO Radio Minnesota
05/20/2015US News & World Report Why Millennials Are Shunning Traditional Financial Tools
05/20/2015KOMO Radio SeattleFraud Alert False Alarms Interview with KOMO Radio Seattle
05/20/2015CBS Radio San FranciscoFraud Alert False Alarms Interview with CBS Radio San Francisco
05/20/2015KNX Radio Los AngelesFraud Alert False Alarms Interview with KNX Radio Los Angeles
05/13/2015Ad Age Millennials Embrace Upstart Financial Brands
05/12/2015WLW Radio CincinnatiFamily Financial Influence Interview with WLW Radio Cincinnati
05/11/2015Money Apple Pay Is Creaming Walmart in the Mobile Payment Wars
05/10/2015KFYI Radio PhoenixFamily Financial Influence Interview with KFYI Radio Phoenix
05/09/2015Bloomberg RadioFamily Financial Influences Interview with Bloomberg Radio
05/08/2015Lonely Planet US credit cards drop foreign fees for desirable international travellers
05/08/2015Sacramento Bee Mom knows best? Businesswomen share their mothers’ best money tips
05/07/2015KGMI Radio BellinghamFamily Financial Influences Interview with KGMI Radio Bellingham
05/07/2015The Wall Street JournalFamily Financial Influence Interview with The Wall Street Journal
05/07/2015WIOD Radio MiamiFamily Financial Influence Interview with WIOD Radio Miami
05/06/2015International Business Times Everything You Need To Know About Paying For Things On Your European Vacation
05/06/ We love you, Mom, but not your financial advice
05/06/2015KRLD Radio DallasFamily Financial Influences Interview with KRLD Radio Dallas
05/06/2015KOMO Radio SeattleFamily Financial Influences Interview with KOMO Radio Seattle
05/01/ AmEx loses card case, which could mean deals for shoppers
04/26/2015USA Today Fees down, security up for overseas credit card users
04/24/ What Is the Right Age for Junior’s First Credit Card?
04/18/2015MarketWatch Millennials Distrust (Or Ignore) Credit Cards
04/16/2015KXNT Radio Las VegasMillennials and Credit Cards Interview with KXNT Radio Las Vegas
04/16/2015WIOD Radio MiamiMillennials and Credit Cards Interview with WIOD Radio Miami
04/15/2015Washington Post Readers push back on not aiming to get a tax refund
04/15/2015Boston Globe We Love Tax Refunds, But It’s Better To Pay Off Card Debt Year-Round
04/15/2015CBS Moneywatch When Should Young Adults Get Their First Credit Card?
04/15/ Millennials Skipping Credit Cards
04/15/2015USA Today A Third Of Millennials Have Never Had A Credit Card
04/15/2015KOMO Radio SeattleMillennials and Credit Cards Interview with KOMO Radio Seattle
04/15/2015KNX Radio Los AngelesMillennials and Credit Cards Interview with KNX Radio Los Angeles
04/15/2015KXL Radio PortlandMillennials and Credit Cards Interview with KXL Radio Portland
04/12/2015KGO Radio San FranciscoForeign Transaction Fees Interview with KGO Radio San Francisco
04/05/2015KOMO Radio SeattleGas Cards Rewards Interview with KOMO Radio Seattle
04/02/2015Yahoo Finance Making the most of your credit card rewards
04/02/2015WIOD Radio MiamiForeign Transaction Fees Interview with WIOD Radio Miami
04/01/2015WCCO Radio MinnesotaForeign Transaction Fees Interview with WCCO Radio Minnesota
04/01/2015KTAR Radio PhoenixForeign Transaction Fees Interview with KTAR Radio Phoenix
03/30/2015NY1 How to get the most out of a gas rewards credit card
03/30/2015KFNN Radio PhoenixGas Cards Rewards Interview with KFNN Radio Phoenix
03/26/2015Marketwatch Credit agency buys time on medical disputes
03/25/2015ABC News RadioCash Back Credit Cards Interview with ABC News Radio
03/23/2015CBS-TV Philadelphia Gas Credit Cards Not The Best Choice For Rewards
03/23/2015WCYB-TV Smart Credit Cards
03/22/2015Bloomberg RadioGas Card Rewards Interview with Bloomberg Radio
03/21/2015International Business TImes Best Credit Cards 2015: 3 Winners That Offer Lower APR, Rewards Than Gas Credit Cards
03/20/2015Reuters What the Superdollar means for summer travel
03/19/2015Compass Media NetworksGas Card Rewards Interview with Compass Media Networks
03/18/2015Marketplace American Express launches multi-brand loyalty program
03/18/2015USA Today US gets first cross-brand loyalty program
03/18/2015KTAR Radio PhoenixGas Card Rewards Interview with KTAR Radio Phoenix
03/17/2015Consumerist Gas cards might not be worth the hassle
03/17/2015CBS MoneyWatch Does it make good money sense to use a gas credit card?
03/17/ Guess which credit cards charge the highest rates?
03/17/ Gas credit cards are the worst
03/17/2015KCBS Radio San FranciscoGas Card Rewards Interview with KCBS Radio San Francisco
03/17/2015ABC News RadioGas Card Rewards Interview with ABC News Radio
03/11/2015WIOD Radio MiamiMobile Payments Interview with WIOD NewsRadio Miami
03/11/2015KXNT Radio Las VegasMobile Payments Interview with KXNT Radio Las Vegas
03/11/2015WTVN Radio ColumbusCredit Report Changes Interview with WTVN Radio Columbus
03/10/2015Chicago Tribune Apple Pay buzz still not swaying consumers, poll shows
03/10/2015KOMO Radio SeattleMobile Payments Interview with KOMO Radio Seattle
03/10/2015KRLD Radio DallasMobile Payments Interview with KRLD Radio Dallas
03/10/2015KNX Radio Los AngelesMobile Payments Interview with KNX Radio Los Angeles
02/27/2015Fortune This is why your credit card still isn’t safe
02/26/2015Boston Globe Safer credit cards slow in coming