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American Express wins right to block merchants from promoting rival cards -- A federal appeals court ruled that American Express can prevent merchants from steering customers to credit cards with lower transaction fees. ... See American Express wins antitrust lawsuit)

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MasterCard aims to replace your password with a ‘selfie’ -- MasterCard announced the European launch of “Selfie Pay,” a verification technology that allows cardholders to make online payments using biometrics such as facial recognition and fingerprints. ... See MasterCard aims to replace your password with a ‘selfie’)

This new “smart” card may help fight fraud -- To decrease the rate of card-not-present fraud, Oberthur Technologies recently introduced Motion Code, a credit card that randomly generates a new CVV every hour. ... See Smart card helps fight fraud)

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How to choose a credit card with no foreign transaction fee -- Like baggage and passports, foreign transaction fees used to be a standard part of international travel. With few exceptions, credit card issuers and networks would charge fees ... (more)

How to choose a balance transfer credit card -- A balance transfer can be a great way to consolidate payments and avoid interest if you’re carrying a balance. With the right card, you can even reap ... (more)

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How to choose a card with no annual fee -- Let’s face it: Fees can be a bit of a bummer. Sometimes, you don’t want to worry that your rewards program pays you back enough to justify ... (more)

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How to choose a travel card -- Travel cards offer a twofold bonus. First, you can use them to maximize the returns on your travel spending. Second, they can offer special access to travel ... (more)

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How to choose a low-interest credit card -- Low interest cards can help you pay down your debt or reduce interest paid on large purchases paid off over several months. It can also be ... (more)

How to choose a credit card if you have excellent credit -- Congratulations! All those good credit habits have landed your score in the 740-850 range. You’ve got options now, and it’s time to treat yourself! Those with excellent ... (more)

0 percent credit cards: a sweet deal if played right -- A credit card with an introductory 0-percent APR is one of the best deals in personal finance. It’s also one of the most important to ... (more)

Tips for choosing a business card -- One of the primary benefits of a business card is to separate your personal finances from your business account. This helps limit your personal risk ... (more)

Tips for choosing a student credit card -- A student credit card can be a meaningful first step toward financial independence, a way of building the kind of credit that can help secure ... (more)

Choosing a balance transfer credit card -- Balance transfers can be a great tool for managing finances, if you use them to strike a course toward freedom from debt, not to put yourself on a path toward more of it ... See Choosing a balance transfer card)

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