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 Spotlight: People and their plastic

Bobbi Rebell's money moguls' 'Financial Grownup' moments -- ShreShrewd money managers reveal their financial 'aha' moments in Rebell's new book ... (See Rebell)

8-credit-mistakes-made-by-the-credit-experts -- Everyday cardholders can learn from gaffes made by gurus ... (See Mistakes)

‘Loaded’ author Sarah Newcomb: Call them loan cards, not credit cards -- In a new book, the behavioral economist talks about the role credit cards play in the financial tales we tell ourselves ... (See Q&A)

Mastering the side hustle to beat down debt -- Millennials struggling with student debt can take on extra work to get out of the red, blogger turned author David Carlson says. It worked for him. ... (See Q&A)

Q&A with Patrice Washington: 'Getting real' about money -- When managing money and building wealth, progress starts with believing you can tackle anything life throws at you, according to author Patrice Washington. ... (See Money)

'Coined' author Kabir Sehgal: Credit cards make money abstract -- Kabir Sehgal talks about the history of money and credit, and its relationship to humankind in his new book "Coined, The Rich Life of Money and How Its History Has Shaped Us" ... (See Kabir Sehgal Q&A)

Author argues have-nots better served by postal banking -- In "How the Other Half Banks," law professor Mehrsa Baradaran says the best bank for the poor already has branches, and blue boxes, everywhere ... (See Postal banking)

Money advice from famous TV dads -- Sheriff Andy Taylor, Ben Cartwright, Louis Huang and even Homer Simpson can give financial lessons ... (See Money advice from TV dads)

How 'microresolutions' can transform your finances -- 'Small Move, Big Change' author Caroline Arnold was tired of failing her New Year's resolutions, so she took a bold step to break them down in achievable actions ... (See Microresolutions)

Q&A 'Future Crimes' author Marc Goodman -- Technology is rapidly evolving and so is cybercrime. Marc Goodman, author of "Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everyone Is Vulnerable, and What We Can Do About It," explains ... (See Marc Goodman)

Q&A with Ron Lieber: How to raise unspoiled kids -- New York Times personal finance columnist and "The Opposite of Spoiled" author Ron Lieber touts the benefits of teaching financial decision-making at an early age ... (See Ron Lieber Q&A)

'Spam Nation' author Brian Krebs sheds light on card data black market -- An insider on the digital black market, Brian Krebs uncovers major credit card breaches before the big retailers know what hit them. He takes readers along in his book "Spam Nation" ... (See Spam Nation)

'Hand to Mouth' author Linda Tirado: Broke means bad money decisions -- Former IHOP night cook-turned-author Linda Tirado explains in very frank terms why being poor often leads to making shortsighted financial decisions ... (See Hand-to-mouth)

Q&A: 'Bad Paper' author Jake Halpern roams debt collection's Wild West -- Author Jake Halpern goes undercover as a debt collector and uncovers a world of rich characters, conflicts and unsavory behavior ... (See "Bad Paper")

Think about money differently, says 'Smartcuts' author Shane Snow -- Author and entrepreneur Shane Snow says if we inventory our habits and question them, we may find more creative money solutions ... (See Shane Snow)

Q&A: Kara McGuire cuts through financial clutter in 'Teen Money Manual' -- McGuire's new book, "The Teen Money Manual," covers earning, saving, spending and protecting money in teen-approved prose ... (See Teen Money Manual)

Make financial planning as easy as 50/20/30 -- In Alexa von Tobel's best-selling book, "Financially Fearless," she simplifies financial planning with a quick and easy method for spending, saving and having fun ... (See Fearless)

'Supersurvivors' author: Crises carry profound financial impacts -- In the book 'Supersurvivors,' Lee Daniel Kravetz and his co-author looked at those who survived crises and found virtually every type of traumatic event, even if not primarily financial, has profound financial consequences ... (See Supersurvivors)

Capital One's rewards chief: Expect a busy travel season -- In a Q&A, Capital One's rewards vice president Amy Lenander discloses it will be a busy summer season, and what the future holds for rewards ... (See Summer rewards)

'Dragnet Nation' author Julia Angwin: May I have my privacy back? -- The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter's book investigates who is watching us online, what they're doing with the data (including selling it), and why it matters. ... (See 'Dragnet Nation')

Kit Yarrow Q & A: Decoding the hidden cues that make you buy -- Retailers use many cues to lure consumers into buying items. In her book, 'Decoding the New Consumer Mind,' psychologist and consumer researcher Kit Yarrow reveals how to find these budget bombs ... (See Decoding)

Randy Wayne White 'Bone Deep' -- Randy Wayne White used to spend 300 days a year on a fishing boat, but these days he's launching books. "Bone Deep," which debuted in March 2014, is the 21st novel featuring the adventures of his Floridian fictional creation, Doc Rivers ... (See "Bone Deep")

'When She Makes More' looks at female breadwinners -- Author Farnoosh Torabi plumbs the emotional and financial complexities that pop up when women out-earn their male counterparts ... (See 'She Makes More')

For MoneySavingMom blogger, fulfillment, frugality go together -- Successful blogger Crystal Paine offers an adjustment strategy for the too-tired, too-stressed woman whose supermom outfit has become too tight ... (See Crystal Paine)

Author Steve Bucci: Take the slow, steady road to good credit -- "Credit Repair Kit for Dummies" author Steve Bucci says there's no magic wand to a quick credit fix nor is there a credit repair fairy ... (See Credit repair )

Does more 'stuff' really make you happy? -- Buying stuff gives you a quick high, but that doesn't last for long, says "Stuffocation" author James Wallman. By focusing your time and money resources on experiences instead, you’ll find joy while also avoiding depressing debt. ... (See Stuff)

Q&A: Author C.J. Box takes his outside chance at success -- With "Stone Cold," Box's 14th novel featuring Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett, he and his wife can cut their last ties to the travel business ... (See C.J. Box)

Q&A with Dave Barry: A perpetual adolescent looks at parenting -- As his daughter matures, the comedy writer doesn't, but is thankful his wife can confront credit card-wielding parents of Bieber worshipers ... (See Dave Barry Q&A)

Eldar Shafir Q&A: Money worries lead to poor financial decisions -- Constant concern about money makes you prone to poor financial decisions, says "Scarcity" co-author Eldar Shafir ... (See Broke)

Former 'credit junkie' Beverly Harzog comes clean -- Personal finance expert Beverly Harzog unveils her secret addiction to credit in a new book, "Confessions of a Credit Junkie" ... (See Credit junkie)

Dilbert creator Scott Adams: Goals are for losers -- In his new book, the cartoonist who chronicles workplace buffoonery argues to be successful, never, ever follow your passion ... (See Scott Adams)

Grammy-winning producer John Snyder on the business of music -- Although musicians tend to struggle financially, they have many of the same traits as entrepreneurs, says Grammy-winning producer John Snyder. ... (See John Snyder)

Musician/blogger Doug Ross on music and money management -- For professional musician and blogger Doug Ross, the key to having a successful music career is not artistic integrity -- it's about making a living doing something you love. ... (See Doug Ross)

Entertainment lawyer Neeta Ragoowansi on surviving in music -- Entertainment lawyer Neeta Ragoowansi says many artists overlook burgeoning opportunities to promote their music. ... (See Neeta Ragoowansi)

Q&A with 'What to Do When I Get Stupid' author Lewis Mandell -- Our cognitive ability related to credit cards and borrowing peaks around age 53. In his new book, "What to Do When I Get Stupid," behavioral economist Lewis Mandell explains how we can protect ourselves from hucksters -- and ourselves -- in our dotage ... (See Retirement)

Q&A with 'Heads in Beds' author Jacob Tomsky -- Have you ever stayed at a luxury hotel and wondered what's going on behind the scenes? In his new book, "Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality," hotelier Jacob Tomsky dishes the dirt on the hospitality industry ... (See Dirt)

Point-of-sale pioneer Ron Klein looks back -- Ron Klein was heralded as the inventor of the mag stripe in a recent news article. Klein, now 78, is willing to cede credit for that but is keen to tell the story of how he pioneered credit card validation systems back in the 1960s. ... (See Ron Klein)

Q&A with 'Bootstrapper' author Mardi Jo Link -- Her book chronicles how she mended a broken heart and literally saved her Northern Michigan farm with alcohol, Buddhism and hard-won financial acumen ... (See Bootstrapper)

Jaron Lanier Q&A: Consumers, take back your data -- The computer visionary and influential thinker sees individual and widespread economic risk in turning details of our lives into commodities ... (See Jaron Lanier Q&A)

How to spend money to buy happiness -- "Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending" co-author Michael Norton says you can buy happiness if you know what to buy ... (See Happy Money)

6 money experts share dad's best credit advice -- Dads often give advice on more than just proper tire pressure. Their words and deeds lay out a financial path for their children, and these six experts share theirs ... (See Dads' advice)

Q&A: ESPN's Mike Greenberg takes a write turn with novel -- The death of a friend inspired the popular sports talk show host to try his hand as a novelist ... (See Mike Greenberg)

Q&A with author Frank Ahearn on the art of disappearing -- This skip-tracer turned skip-maker charges $42,000 minimum to help people disappear. He doesn't take credit cards. In fact, his first move will be to destroy yours ... (See Frank Ahearn)

Scared of Big Brother? Too late, says 'Big Data' co-author -- As more companies tap into the huge amounts of data to measure consumer behavior, "Big Data" co-author Viktor Mayer-Schonberger says it's not really a bad thing ... (See Big Data)

Q&A: Why Robert Kiyosaki thinks our education system is a bust -- In his new book on "Why 'A' students work for 'C' students," Robert Kiyosaki talks about why our current education system is churning out poor kids ... (See Kiyosaki)

Q&A: 'Jane Austen's Guide to Thrift' -- In their new book, Jane Austen fans Kathleen Anderson and Susan Jones proudly apply the romantic novelist's financial sensibilities to today's money problems ... (See Jane Austen)

Funding dreams on credit: Fragrance creation -- Geir Ness created his own fragrance line by charging $12,000 on his credit cards to work with a perfumer and manufacture the first 1,000 bottles ... (See Geir Ness)

Funding dreams on credit: Film financing -- Kenny Golde maxed out multiple credit cards and took out a business loan to finish a movie that went over budget, for total debt of $220,000 ... (See Film financing)

Funding dreams on credit: Bike champ -- Gene Hamilton charged as much as $10,000 every year during mountain bike racing season for gas, hotels and airfare and spent the rest of the year paying it off ... (See Bike champ)

Funding dreams on credit: Vintage arcades -- Michelle and Michael Ware maxed out their card at $25,000 to start their vintage arcade game business, only paying the minimum due until things took off ... (See Vintage arcades)

Funding dreams on credit: Travel junkie -- Jeremy Jones strategically opened travel rewards cards to get promotional bonus deals to fund his goal of traveling around the world ... (See Jeremy Jones)

5 who funded their dreams on credit -- Do you have a big aspiration, but a small bank account? Check out how these five people went into debt to fulfill their fantasies, and the lessons they learned ... (See Funding dreams)

'Pound Foolish' author Helaine Olen takes on personal finance 'gurus' -- In her book, the self-confessed former money dummy skewers the dispensers of personal finance advice for their ill-fitting generic "wisdom" ... (See Helaine Olen)

'Identity Thief' screenwriter Jerry Eeten has identity issues, too -- By the time Jerry Eeten's screenwriting career took off with the new Jason Bateman-Melissa McCarthy movie, he'd already left Hollywood to fashion a new identity as a Florida teacher ... (See Thief)

Facing off with Derek Sanderson -- Former fallen-from-grace NHL superstar Derek Sanderson talks about his new-found mission helping fellow athletes manage their wealth ... (See Derek Sanderson)

Q&A with D&B: How businesses can start on the road to credit -- So how do you join those lucky folks in finding bank financing? Today, it takes a very proactive approach to building a strong credit score for your business ... (See Business credit scores)

Q&A With Daniel J. Smith: What's an honest Nigerian to do? -- Q&A with Daniel J. Smith, whose book 'A Culture of Corruption' describes a country whose best-known export includes millions of scam emails ... (See Nigerian email scams)

Q&A with 'The Fine Print' author David Cay Johnston -- The print may be tiny when it dings you for a few cents or tilts the balance of power toward a big company, but the personal and societal consequences aren't ... (See 'Fine Print')

Disputing errors on credit reports: A broken process -- A federal law is supposed to guarantee that credit report errors get fixed. So why do some people wind up spending months or even years trying to remove legitimate errors that are ruining their credit? ... (See Credit)

Q&A with David Urban, lobbyist turned inventor with 'Points for Politics' -- Q&A with David Urban, a D.C. lobbyist whose "Points for Politics" invention makes it easy to donate extra points to the candidate of your choice ... (See David Urban)

Ghost hunter Nick Groff unleashes 'Chasing Spirits' memoir -- He may be a master of spiritual encounters today, but starting out, his car was (gasp!) repossessed ... (See Q&A: 'Ghost Adventures' Nick Groff)

Liz Weston, author of 'No Dumb Questions About Money' Q&A -- Personal finance expert and author Liz Weston talks about everything from kids with credit cards to "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" ... (See Liz Westion Q&A)

Q&A with Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson -- Shawn Johnson became America's sweetheart when she won a gold and three silvers in gymnastics at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but her greatest balancing act has been keeping her head through the highs and lows of a professional athlete's life ... (See Shawn Johnson Q&A)

'The Lost Bank' - How WaMu became largest bank failure in US history -- 'The Lost Bank' author Kirsten Grind watched Washington Mutual, go from regional bank famed for friendliness to spectacular failure ... (See "The Lost Bank")

Q&A with actor Steve Guttenberg -- Steve Guttenberg has starred in such blockbuster movies as "Three Men and a Baby," "Cocoon" and "The Boys from Brazil," but his greatest performance came as a teenager when he conned his way into Hollywood ... (See Steve Guttenberg)

Survey: Consumers are getting smarter about credit scores -- Baffled by your credit scores? You're not alone. The majority of consumers still get confused by what actually goes into a credit score, according to a recent survey. However, the number of people who are completely in the dark is on the decline ... (See Credit score survey)

Is it time to hire a daily money manager? -- Overweight? Hire a personal trainer. Dirty house? Get a cleaning service. But to whom do you turn to get a grip on overspending and debt? A daily money manager ... (See Daily money manager)

Q&A with Phil Collins -- The retiring drummer reveals an additional facet of himself with his new book about the Alamo ... (See Phil Collins Q&A)

Q&A with Charles Duhigg: diagnosing, restructing bad money habits -- "The Power of Habit" author Charles Duhigg discovered surprising keys to permanently changing his life by diagnosing and reconstructing his habits ... (See Charles Duhigg)

Q&A with legendary Rolling Stones sax man Bobby Keys -- Until recently, the Texas-born saxophonist followed an established pattern with his money: 'When I get it, I spend it.' ... (See Bobby Keys)

'Mad Men' money: Credit in the smoking era -- Inspired by the hit TV series, "Mad Men," to revive the three-martini lunch? Some ways of life in the midcentury were definitely healthier than others, including how consumers managed money and credit ... (See Mad Men money and credit)

Q&A: 'Millionaire Mind' author T. Harv Eker talks money, debt and breaking bad habit -- "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" author shares how your personal money blueprint can either make or break your financial goals ... (See T. Harv Eker)

3 financial fights couples have -- and their 3 fixes -- Lying about purchases, comparing incomes and determining what is a want versus a need top the list of couples' fixable money arguments ... (See Marriage money fights)

Q&A with Carl Richards: personal finance on a napkin -- "Behavior Gap" author Carl Richards may be more widely known as the man who illustrates personal finance concepts on paper napkins for the New York Times ... (See Carl Richards)

Q&A: Former Patriots cornerback Eugene Profit now runs for the money -- A five-year veteran of the NFL talks about why so many young players fall to financial ruin and what he did to avoid falling into the same pattern ... (See Eugene Profit)

Q&A: 'Dating Our Money' author Leslie Greenman links love, money -- "Dating Our Money" author Leslie Greenman urges women to make more savvy choices in both personal finance and in love ... (See Leslie Greenman)

Meet fee-fighting vigilante Molly Katchpole -- If it weren't for Molly Katchpole, we might all be paying a fee for using our debit cards. She's the force behind the petition that helped kill Bank of America's debit card fee and, most recently, the Verizon payment fee ... (See Molly Katchpole)

Q&A: Skip Humphrey takes role as federal financial watchdog for elderly -- The eldest son of the former vice president sees credit card debt among the elderly as one of the issues he'll tackle in his new job with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ... (See Skip Humphrey Q&A)

Tales of credit card crooks' quirky charges -- Some credit card crooks rack up the most unusual charges on stolen cards -- often leaving themselves wide open for being busted ... (See Credit card crooks)

Q&A with 'Smart Thinking' author Art Markman -- Art Markman, author of the upcoming 'Smart Thinking' and a psychology professor at the University of Texas, explains what psychology can teach us about making better personal financial decisions ... (See Art Markman)

Q&A with Playboy model, reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson on money her new book 'Being Kendra' -- Her life changed overnight when the former dental assistant was invited to move into the Playboy mansion, but when it comes to money, she has her feet on the ground ... (See Kendra Wilkinson)

Great American financial failures: From Jefferson to Disney -- It’s easy to scoff at millionaire celebrities who declare bankruptcy, but overextended credit is a time-honored American tradition. Some of our greatest heroes have fallen victim to bad investments and living beyond their means. ... (See Great American financial failures)

Q&A with Don Peck, author of 'Pinched' -- In a succinct 188 pages, Peck surveys more than 100 years of economic recessions, depressions and recoveries to arrive at something of a bird's-eye view of our current economic discontent. ... (See Don Peck)

How fnancial troubles sometimes actually help relationships -- Sometimes it takes an extreme situation to bring people together -- an illness, accident or even an act of terrorism. But what about a financial crisis? ... (See Financial troubles and relationships)

Q&A with Mark Neeb, new head of debt collectors' association -- WIth the economy remaining in shambles, you might think these would be plush times for debt collectors. You'd be wrong, says the new head of the collectors' association, who says his industry is smarting from fewer bad debts and more regulation. ... (See Q&A with Mark Neeb)

QA with 'Frugalista' Natalie McNeal -- Single, 32, in serious debt and in a precarious job, blogger Natalie McNeal transformed her high-spending ways into a "frugalista" lifestyle ... (See Natalie McNeal)

Q&A with Hill Harper, 'CSI: NY' actor, author of 'The Wealth Cure' -- In his book "The Wealth Cure," the Harvard Law grad and hoops buddy of the president equates the battle for health to the battle for wealth ... (See Q&A with CSI's Hill Harper)

Money Talks: Q&A with boxing champ Bernard Hopkins -- Also an astute businessman, the light-heavyweight world champion just shakes his head at his peers' foolishness with money ... (See Bernard Hopkins Q&A)

The Money Talks: Money Q&A with Ben Mezrich, author of 'Sex on the Moon' -- The tale of Thad Roberts' ill-fated moon rock heist is the latest from the gonzo journalist, whose prior works chronicled the rise of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and the fall of the MIT students who learned to beat Las Vegas ... (See Ben Mezrich)

Toddlers, tiaras -- and debt: the costs of child beauty pageants -- Is your adorable child ready for the spotlight? Perhaps pageant life awaits, but be forewarned, overall costs of these beauty contests can be downright ugly ... (See Beauty pageant debt)

QA with Matt Paxton, host of TV's 'Hoarders' -- The 'Secret Lives of Hoarders' author and TV host goes about helping with brutal honesty and a connoisseur's appreciation for the smell of decomposition ... (See Matt Paxton, "Hoarders" host)

QA with Adam Baker of Man Vs. Debt -- Blogger Adam Baker shares his journey from a traditional, credit card-driven lifestyle to one where he and his wife owe no one ... (See Adam Baker)

QA with Willie Geist, Boyd McDonnell on 'Loaded,' their parody of financial advice books -- Willie Geist, Boyd McDonnell lampoon the get-rich-quick schemes through the idiotic money advice hawked by their faux financial gurus, the 'Dollar Bills' ... (See "Loaded")

QA: Holly Petraeus tackles those who prey on military families -- As the daughter of one general and wife of another, Holly Petraeus gets fighting mad at those who prey financially on soldiers. Now she can do something about it ... (See Holly Petraeus)

QA with David Sirota, 'Back to Our Future' author -- The financial excesses of the '80s, epitomized by the fictional character Gordon Gecko, came horribly true in this century with characters such as Bernie Madoff, author says ... (See QA with David Sirota)

Ramit Sethi: Being rich isn't all about money -- "I Will Teach You to Be Rich" author Ramit Sethi says money experts focus more on saving money rather than making yours grow, and how being rich involves more than what's in your bank account ... (See Ramit Sethi)

QA with 'Super Rich' author and hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons -- In a wide-ranging interview, the hip-hop entrepreneur promotes spirituality, peace and defends the fees on his prepaid RushCard ... (See Russell Simmons)

QA with Kimberly Palmer, author of 'Generation Earn' -- For Gen Y, debt is almost inevitable, so learn to handle it wisely, argues Kimberly Palmer in her new book, "Generation Earn" ... (See Kimberly Palmer)

Be debt free for life, urges author David Bach -- talked with best-selling author David Bach about Americans' attitudes toward debt, how they are changing and what he can do to help ... (See David Bach)

QA: Liz Weston's new money commandments -- To help consumers navigate through this new financial climate, money expert Liz Weston talks about her new book, “The 10 Commandments of Money: Survive and Thrive in the New Economy.” ... (See Liz Weston)

QA with Matt Taibbi, author of 'Griftopia' -- Gonzo Rolling Stone writer Matt Tiabbi doesn't just pick a bone with Wall Street in his latest book, "Griftopia." He dissects the entire rotting carcass ... (See Matt Taibbi)

Dan DeFelippi: Secrets of a former credit card thief -- What would a real credit card thief tell you if he had the chance? Dan DeFelippi, convicted of card fraud, says you can't be too careful ... (See Credit card theft)

QA with 'Real Cost of Living' author Carmen Wong Ulrich -- With a master's degree in psychology and a way of cutting through the mumbo jumbo, Ulrich takes dry topics such as debt and investing and puts it into the context of our lives ... (See Carmen Wong Ulrich)

Top 10 credit card television episodes -- Credit cards pop up in supporting roles on TV, often in the hands of minors or childlike adults. Their antics reveal the consequences of impulsive buying in ways not so hilarious in real life ... (See Cards on TV)

Novel views of credit card debt: Plots of books by Zevin, Walter revolve around debt -- If you have problems handling your finances, you might enjoy sharing your misery with fictitious characters who get into debt and the paths they take to try and get out ... (See Credit card novels)

QA with personal finance author Farnoosh Torabi -- Is true wealth really only in your head? Can you banish debt and live prosperously just by changing your beliefs? Cue national personal finance authority Farnoosh Torabi ... (See Farnoosh Torabi)

Careless-spending celebrities lose sympathy with American public -- High-spending celebrities take note: If you’re in debt because of your poor money choices, don’t look for much empathy from the rest of us. ... (See Celebrity spending)

QA with Susan L. Hirshman, author of 'Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?' -- In her book 'Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?,' Susan L. Hirshman simplifies often-complicated material into girl-talk terms that any failed dieter can digest ... (See 'Fat Assets' author Q&A)

QA with Gail Vaz-Oxlade -- In the mood for a money and credit management expert who pulls no punches yet somehow remains cheery and kind? Look no further than Gail Vaz-Oxlade. ... (See 'Til Debt Do Us Part')

NFCC Awards: Carole and Don Carroll: Debt-free after 30 years -- Everyday was a complicated dance balancing $88,000 on more than a dozen credit cards. Today, they are debt free and winners of a major award for their efforts ... (See Biggest losers (of debt))

QA with Lynnette Khalfani-Cox -- Like the plumber with leaky faucets at home, money coach and personal finance author Khalfani-Cox had racked up more than $100,000 in debt. ... (See Lynnette Khalfani-Cox)

QA with Zac Bissonnette, author of 'Debt-Free U,' a book of advice on student loans -- Author Zac Bissonnette argues that the risks inherent in college loans far outweigh any benefit of a degree from a big-name school ... (See "Debt-Free U" Q&A)

Financial experts reveal their worst money advice -- They say free advice is worth what you pay for it, but for these financial experts, it was actually a lot more costly ... (See Money experts' worst advice)

You've arrived! True tales of the American Express Black Card -- This hard-to-get credit card, with its unusual black appearance and hefty metal weight, does more than ensure access to airport lounges ... (See AmEx Black Card)

3 language experts try to make sense of a credit card contract -- No joke: An ex-spy, a rocket scientist and an etiquette expert wade into a credit card agreement and try to make sense of it ... (See Credit card agreements)

QA with 'Hot (Broke) Messes' author Nancy Trejos -- Author and Washington Post personal finance columnist Nancy Trejos shares how deep she was in debt and how she managed to climb out ... (See 'Hot (Broke) Messes')

QA: Avis Cardella writes on overcoming shopping addiction -- 'Memoirs of a Shopping Addict' author Avis Cardella describes how credit counseling helped her overcome 'Sex & the City' lifestyle ... (See Memoirs of a shopping addict)

Credit lessons from the soap operas: One Life to Live -- Part I: You only have 'One Life to Live,' so don't share money with an evil twin - you know, the one who's always spending your money ... (See Credit lessons from soap operas: 'One Life to Live')

Credit lessons from the soap operas: 'All My Children' -- Credit lessons from soap operas: All My Children. Experts say 'All My Children' don't have to know of my money problems -- if I face debt head-on ... (See Credit lessons from the soap operas: 'All My Children')

Credit lessons from the soap operas: 'Days of Our Lives' -- Part III: Days of Our Lives: Leave the brainwashing to Stefano -- no matter what the store says, their credit card may be no good for you ... (See Credit lessons from soap operas: 'Days of Our Lives')

Credit lessons from the soap operas: Days of Our Lives rerun -- Part IV: The Days of Our Lives shouldn't be filled with money troubles ... (See Credit lessons from the soap operas: Days of Our Lives rerun)

Credit lessons from the soap operas: General Hospital -- Part V: If you're financially honest with your mate, no need for a 'General Hospital' style paternity test; you'll always know who's the real parent of a debt ... (See Credit lessons from soap operas: 'General Hospital')

QA with 'Paying With Plastic' author David Evans -- In this book author Q&A, 'Paying With Plastic' author David Evans argues we're going through two payment revolutions: paper to plastic, then plastic to "virtual" payments ... (See 'Paying with Plastic' by David Evans)

QA with finance guru Jean Chatzky -- Money and media powerhouse Jean Chatzky shares why so many people have trouble managing credit -- and how to become a master of plastic. ... (See Jean Chatzky)

Your credit card's Da Vinci Code: How the 'Luhn formula' evaluates credit card numbers -- Think of it as your card's Da Vinci Code: A little known, low-tech mathematical sleight-of-hand is used to see whether numbers on credit and debit cards are real or fake ... (See Luhn formula)

QA: 'Your Money Ratios' author Charles Farrell -- How can you tell at your age if your financial ship is headed toward open water or veering toward the rocks? Ratios, says 'Retirement Roadmap' columnist Charles Farrell ... (See Q&A with Charles Farrell)

Lee Eisenberg, author of 'Shoptimism' on why we shop -- Cheer up, says Lee Eisenberg, author of 'Shoptimism,' a new book on why we shop. Americans are going to shop our way back to prosperity just as we have for centuries. ... (See Shopping)

Tori Spelling, Ed McMahon, Kim Kardashian, Courtney Love: Celebrity credit card lessons -- If we had the kind of money celebrities had, we'd do a better job managing our credit card debt, right? Judging by these celebrity credit card stories, maybe not. ... (See Lessons)

Jon and Kate's 8 plus-size money mistakes -- The paparazzi-pursued loco parental units of reality TV, the Gosselins, set an example, say money experts -- of what NOT to do financially. ... (See Plus-size mistakes)

Guru goofs: 7 personal finance experts confess biggest mistakes -- Famous financial experts divulge details about past bankruptcies, overdrafts and budgeting gone wrong. ... (See Mistakes)

The biggest losers (of debt): How a family shed $106,000 in debt -- Five years ago, this New Richmond, Wis., family was drowning in debt. They licked it through frugality, determination and hard work. Here's how. ... (See Drowning)

Firsthand lessons from dealing with my parents' credit card debt after death -- After her parents' sudden demise, a daughter shares hard-won lessons learned from having to cope with their finances. ... (See Lessons)

Meet Michael Farmer, aka Meteorite Guy -- Welcome to the out-of-this-world life of Michael Farmer, aka Meteorite Guy, one of only about 20 professional meteorite brokers - on this planet anyway. ... (See Meteorite)

Judge Sonia Sotomayor's personal finances: The house-poor justice -- Unlike the other recent newcomers to the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor's financial profile doesn't make you think of Wall Street. ... (See Judge)

John Grund: A look at the future of credit cards -- Credit card expert John Grund analyzes what consumers can expect to pay for credit in the near future and whether the days of easy credit are over. ... (See Future)

The world's 10 weirdest currencies -- A Pennsylvania banker's collection of odd currencies reveal much about different times, cultures. ... (See Weird money)

Personal finance experts reveal which credit cards they use and why -- Personal finance experts reveal which credit cards they use -- and why. ... (See Experts)

Your credit card has a carbon footprint -- A credit card's footprint is roughly the CO2 equivalent of five bank checks, 13 dollar bills -- or the gas to drive a Hummer 150 feet. ... (See Carbon)

Authors explain how to duck debt reaffirmation traps -- When seeking bankruptcy protection, some unwary consumers may be cajoled or outright conned by their creditors into remaining on the hook for a car loan or home mortgage through a process known as reaffirmation. ... (See Traps)

Author Joe Hallinan, 'Why We Make Mistakes' author, on financial goofs -- Research shows that when confronted with several credit card offers, most of us choose the wrong one: We'll bite at the attractive teaser rate rather than the best overall terms. ... (See Choices)

Q&A with credit card and debt expert Amelia Warren Tyagi -- Why aren't credit card contracts tested for product safety just like toasters? That's exactly the sort of fundamental common sense asked by author and debt expert Amelia Warren Tyagi. ... (See Q&A)

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