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Credit card rates: interactive graphic on APR changes

Interest rates no longer track the prime rate

By Tyler Metzger

Credit card rates used to closely track the prime rate, but they don't any more. Card issuers, for a variety of reasons, hang on to more of the spread between the rate they pay for funds and the rates they charge. It's one of many ways card issuers have raised costs for consumers in the face of declining revenues largely due to the recession and increased regulation.

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Updated: April 21, 2011

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Credit Card Rate Report

Updated: 09-20-2014

National Average 15.05%
Low Interest 10.37%
Balance Transfer 12.73%
Business 12.80%
Student 13.24%
Cash Back 14.91%
Reward 15.02%
Airline 15.46%
Bad Credit 22.73%
Instant Approval 28.00%