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10 weird credit card gadgets, devices and outfits

You can wear them, shoot them -- even floss with them


Scanners, shotguns, cocktail dresses and dental floss.

Who'd have thought that the unassuming credit card would one day inspire such madness?

Over the years, has surveyed dozens of card-shaped bobbles, gadgets, jewelry and novelties, yet each time we resume the search, we somehow unearth a fresh cache of weird.

Submitted for your amusement (and early holiday shopping): 10 zany credit card products that, trust us, you can probably leave home without!

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Credit Card Rate Report

Updated: 03-30-2015

National Average 14.90%
Low Interest 11.62%
Business 12.85%
Student 13.14%
Balance Transfer 14.04%
Reward 15.04%
Airline 15.10%
Cash Back 15.28%
Instant Approval 17.93%
Bad Credit 22.48%