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Video: Wristbands act as credit cards at festivals

Video: Wristbands are the new credit cards at festivals

Just preload your wristband and set your PIN number, then wave it to pay. In case of technical glitches, though, festival-goers suggest carrying some cash.

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Small business owners are more credit savvy than consumers

If it's true that the small-business sector serves as a barometer of the health of the overall economy, things are looking good in America.

Credit reporting agency Experian found small-business owners exhibited more sophisticated credit management across every measure evaluated – credit scores, credit limits and debt loads.

The average credit score of small-business owners is 721, almost 50 points higher than the average American's score. Small-business owners' average debt repayment each month is more than twice as high, at $1,032, compared to $954 for average Americans.

Experian's “Face of Small Business” study drew on a random data sampling from 2.5 million small-business owners and 1 million American consumers. Experian released its findings Sept. 15, 2016.

Infographic: Small-business owners are more credit savvy than customers

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'Speaking of Credit'
Q&A with Barry Paperno

Autopayments: What to do
when convenience backfires

What to do when autopayments backfire

Autopay may be easier, but to avoid charging errors, such as when a card number changes, pay manually. See Expert Q&A

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Travel card reviews

Our balance transfer card reviews look at length of the interest-free period, balance transfer fees, penalty rates and rewards programs.

Best airline credit cards
for fall 2016

Best airline credit cards: fall 2016's best airline credit cards for fall 2016 – the Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard, the British Airways Visa Signature Card and the United Mileage Plus credit card – offer solid sign-up bonuses and valuable travel rewards.

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Card ownership
by the numbers

Credit cards are found in most Americans' wallets, but how many cards does the average American have? You'll find the answer and much more in our updated statistics on card ownership.

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How much can you save
with a balance transfer?

Use our calculator to determine the amount of interest you'll save by transferring existing balances to a card with a lower interest rate.

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Brady Porche Credit bureaus slapped
for reporting errors

Brady Porche | 10/27/2016

Mississippi residents can get unlimited free credit reports for three years as part of a state settlement with the credit bureaus. See more poll

What do you think of wearable payments, such as chip-embedded jewelry and fitness trackers?


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Retailer cards can help if you're building or rebuilding credit, but card APRs are climbing, and sign-up deals are fading, our 2016 Retail Card Survey finds.

Updated: 10-28-2016