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Gas card survey

Gas card survey finds pedestrian rewards

Our survey finds gas-brand cards remain stuck in the slow lane, with high APRs and limited paybacks. But for big road trips, they can offer quick savings bursts.

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Survey: Employees less likely to borrow on cards for necessities

One out of five employees (20 percent) borrow on their credit cards to pay for monthly necessities because they can't afford them otherwise, a study by the multinational accounting and professional services company PwC shows. That's the bad news.

The good news in PwC's 2015 Employee Financial Wellness Survey is that the percentage is down from 24 percent three years ago, and Gen Xers are showing the most improvement. In 2013, 33 percent of those ages 34 to 54 had to borrow on their cards for necessities. In this year's study, it's down significantly, to 23 percent.

The survey included 1,700 full-time employees ages 21-72. Age groups were divided thus: Gen Y -- 21-33; Gen X -- 34-54; Baby Boomers -- 55-72. The margin of error was plus or minus 3 percent. The survey was released April 17, 2015.

Study: Employees less likely to borrow on cards for necessities

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A fraud alert is a security alert placed on a credit card account or credit bureau listing by the customer or issuer when fraudulent activity is suspected or experienced.

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If you open a 0-percent interest card to make a large purchase, your credit score could drop 10-45 points. But it should rebound within six to 12 months if you pay your bills on time and avoid applying for new credit.

Updated: 05-22-2015