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Video: How to pay for a cruise with your reward points

With travel cards, you can sail the seas at little or no cost. Our Dustin Smith shows you how he used card rewards to pay for his cruise and airfare.

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Video: How to score a free honeymoon using card rewards

If you're footing the bill for your own wedding, a grand honeymoon may seem out of reach. It doesn't have to be. Here's how one couple did it:

"We had to pay for our wedding ourselves," says Dan Schoenfeld, who covered the costs of his honeymoon with reward points. "So we knew we were going to probably be putting money on credit cards, anyway. So we wanted to make that money we were putting on our credit card work for us."

Dan and Lorena Schoenfeld spent the year before their wedding figuring out how to maximize their hotel and frequent flyer rewards points for a lavish honeymoon in Tahiti, complete with a first-class flight.

It was a trip that should have cost tens of thousands of dollars. Their bill?

"When we checked out we only had to pay $16," says Lorena Schoenfeld. "It was basically for free."

So how did they do it? Watch our video.

'To Her Credit'
Q&A with Sally Herigstad

Your ex can't force you,
an authorized user, to pay

To Her Credit columnist Sally Herigstad

Legally, an authorized user is not liable for balances.
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Ask a question. reviews
of travel cards

balance transfer card reviews

As you plan your summer vacation, check out our reviews of travel cards, which compare sign-up bonuses and rewards, ease of redemption and the total value of each card's features.

Credit card glossary terms

CVV: Your card security code is a three- or four-digit number that is printed on either the back or the front of your card. See: How to find your credit card security code.

Credit card statistics

Mobile commerce climbs
among U.S. consumers

Mobile commerce spending hit 20 percent for the first time in the third quarter of 2016. M-commerce growth outpaces e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores when it comes to discretionary spending, our latest online and mobile payment statistics show.


How to pay off your debt
before 0 percent expires

If you have a balance transfer card with a 0 percent introductory rate, use our calculator to calculate the payment that retires the debt before the no interest period runs out.

'Taking Charge' blog

Antonio Ruiz-Camacho At this techy test Wal-Mart,
you shop, scan and go

Antonio Ruiz-Camacho | 4/28/2017

I took Wal-Mart's scan-and-go shopping technology for a test drive. How did it go? One key discovery: At checkout, it's cards only if you use Wal-Mart's app.
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Poll: 2 in 5 Americans lose sleep over health care costs

Poll: 2 in 5 Americans lose sleep over health care costs

Americans are losing sleep over health care more than other money worries. And financial insomnia is at its highest level since the Great Recession.

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Credit card tip of the day

Know what your card's travel insurance covers: If your trip is ruined, your credit card's travel insurance could help you get your money back.

Updated: 04-28-2017