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Tax breaks when friends default

If 'friend' loan goes bad, take a tax deduction

When friends or family borrow from you, then default, the IRS allows a bad debt tax deduction -- if you document the loan and file the right forms.

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Study: Online accounts often go unchecked for fraud

Americans regularly check their bank account and credit card statements for suspicious activity, but fewer than a third check various online accounts at least once a month, a study by credit bureau Experian finds.

In fact, more than a third of those polled said they never check their online credit monitoring account, and more than a quarter never check online card accounts.

Some 1,000 adult Americans were polled from Sept. 2-5, 2014, in an online survey. The "Experian Cybersecurity Survey" was conducted for Experian by marketing research firm Edelman Berland. There was a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent.

Study: Online accounts and fraud

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Nursing home costs
trump card debt

Sally Herigstad
Before moving into a nursing home, her dad paid his card debt out of Social Security, which now goes to the nursing home ... See Expert Q&A

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Credit Card Help

Credit Card Help The 5 parts of
the FICO score

While the inner workings of the FICO scoring system are a closely guarded secret, the company is open about the general components of the FICO credit score. Here's a breakdown.

Credit card glossary terms

Credit card glossary

To default is to fail to make a payment on a debt by the due date. If this happens with a credit card, creditors might raise interest rates to the default (or penalty rate) or decrease the line of credit.

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Test your card timing savvy

When it comes to credit, time is on your side. The here and now matters more than the way back when. Want to know more? Quiz yourself on your card timing savvy.

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Find out what it would take to pay off your balance, the true cost of making minimum payments, whether a cash-back or low-interest card is better for you -- and more.

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Kelly DilworthLow credit score
linked to higher
heart disease risk

Kelly Dilworth | 11/21/2014

A low credit score isn't just bad for your wallet. It also signals a higher risk of heart disease, says a new study ... See more

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When you are preparing to take out a mortgage, don't dispute anything on your credit report, because that can delay or even kill your loan application.

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