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Can paying off your mortgage hurt your credit score?

How paying off mortgage affects your credit score

The credit score impact of paying off a mortgage can be hard to predict, but other information in your credit report can contribute to a rise or fall.

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E-payments expand from online shopping to our everyday lives

We all know how useful PayPal and other online payment services can be for buying things online, but more Americans are discovering how handy e-payments can be in other everyday situations.

Payments research firm Mercator Advisory Group recently found that 2 in 3 adults (65 percent) use payment services such as PayPal, Google Checkout and Amazon Payments.

Online shopping was the most common use e-payments across all age groups, with 84 percent reporting doing so in the past year. But online shopping e-payments appears to have plateaued between 84 and 86 percent for the past three years.

Other increasingly common uses for e-payments are for in-store purchases (30 percent and up from 22 percent two years ago), transferring money to family and friends (27 percent and up from 22 percent in 2014).

Mercator's findings are drawn from a June 2016 online survey of over 3,000 U.S. adults. The results were released Jan. 5.

Infographic: The growing ways we e-pay

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'Your Business Credit'
Q&A with Elaine Pofeldt

Can I recoup expenses
for unused business services?

Your Business Credit expert Elaine Pofeldt

Review all bills periodically, especially those that auto renew. See Expert Q&A

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of balance transfer cards

balance transfer card reviews

Our balance transfer card reviews take into account the cards' interest-free periods, the fees for the balance transfer and the value of rewards to help you get the best deal on your balance transfer.

Our 3 best business credit cards

Best business credit cards: winter 2017

All three of our best business credit cards combine business-friendly benefits with generous rewards. Oh, and the No. 1 business credit card in our ranking is a newcomer introduced just a few months ago.

Credit card statistics

How much card debt does
the average American have?

The figures vary greatly depending on how you measure what people owe, but we've crunched the numbers based on the latest statistics to calculate average credit card debt. study
of favorite cards and benefits

Poll: We love card rewards,
but many don't change cards

While 55 million cardholders rank rewards and cash back as the best benefits of the card they use most often, 38 percent of those polled said they had not changed their most-used card within the past 10 years or ever, our card rewards survey finds.

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Brady Porche Medical bills can take
a big toll on credit

Brady Porche | 2/27/2017

A new study finds big medical bills take a toll on family finances. Adopting creative savings strategies now may make it easier to pay the next medical bill. See more

1099-C: 6 exceptions to paying
tax on forgiven debt


If you received a 1099-C, you likely have to include that forgiven debt as income when you file your taxes. Before you do, though, check these six exceptions to paying tax on forgiven debt.

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Credit card tip of the day

Debt settlement stays on your credit report for seven years. But it has less of an impact over time if you rebuild your credit responsibly.

Updated: 02-27-2017