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Americans owe $1 trillion on their credit cards

Americans' card debt hits $1 trillion mark

The last time this happened, it didn't end well. Financial experts, though, say we're handling our credit better now.

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'To Her Credit'
Q&A with Sally Herigstad

Lending your card to family
can leave you holding the bill

To Her Credit columnist Sally Herigstad

You still have the pay what's owed, but you can pursue a civil suit. See Expert Q&A

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of cash back cards

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Our cash back card reviews take into account the rewards value for each card, the ease of redemption and any card perks and benefits.

Our 3 best low-interest cards

Best low-interest credit cards: winter 2016

Our three best low-interest credit cards give you the best chance of paying off card debt at the lowest cost.

Credit card statistics

How much card debt does
the average American have?

The figures vary greatly depending on how you measure what people owe, but we've crunched the numbers based on the latest statistics to calculate average credit card debt.


How much can you save
with a balance transfer?

Use our balance transfer calculator to see how much you may be able to save by transferring your balances to a 0 percent interest card.

'Taking Charge' blog

Brady Porche Personal finance mood mixed
with Trump now in office

Brady Porche | 1/20/2017

Americans are about evenly divided about their personal financial outlook under President Donald Trump, according to recent polls. That's maybe no surprise given the election. See more

Poll: Americans optimistic
about getting out of debt

As the economy improves, fewer Americans say they'll die in debt, our survey finds. Other key findings: Millennials are the most upbeat about their debt payoff, and most people would save more if their debt was erased.

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Credit card tip of the day

When “credit shopping,” multiple credit pulls are grouped as one inquiry.

Updated: 01-20-2017