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9 smartphone apps to help with taxes

Smartphone apps that help with taxes

Pay Uncle Sam with your thumbs? Yes, you can, with new or improved smartphone tax apps that let you file taxes, guesstimate refunds and more.

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Banks still rely on branches to start accounts

Banks long ago embraced online banking for transactions. But to start an account? You still need to go into a branch for that, according to a survey of 156 North American financial institutions by Celent.

The financial information research and consulting company surveyed the financial institutions' executives in October 2104, asking them, "Is your institution selling and originating new products digitally? Select which options are available to your customers."

Checking and savings accounts and mortgages were the only products that a majority of institutions let consumers initiate online -- and only if they use a traditional desktop or laptop computer.The ability to originate an account on a mobile device remains in infancy, with only small fractions of institutions allowing the process to begin online.

Credit or prepaid cards could be originated online at only 45 percent of the institutions.

Banks originate accounts online

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Why sharing Mom's
card can be risky

Sally Herigstad
Being an authorized user on a parent's card can help your credit rating only if she manages credit well ... See Expert Q&A

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Credit Card Help 10 worst
card mistakes

Getting lots of great card offers? Before you open any new accounts, learn about the 10 worst card mistakes you can make.

Credit card glossary terms

Credit card glossary

In a recovery room scam, crooks contact people who were previously ripped off, and say that they can help the victim recover their lost money. Of course, those who pay never get their money back. However, they do get a gold star by their names on the scamster's sucker list.

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Test your Credit CARD
Act knowledge

The Credit CARD Act ushered in a new era for cards, covering a wide range of reforms meant to eliminate unfair and deceptive practices. Test your knowledge about this sweeping law.

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Kelly DilworthGenoeconomics
studies how
genes impact
money habits

Kelly Dilworth | 2/27/2015

According to a growing body of research in a field of science called genoeconomics, the size of your bank account -- and the amount of credit card debt you carry -- may be partially determined by your genes ... See more

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A Chapter 7 bankruptcy stays on your credit for years, but pay on time and use credit wisely, and you score will rebound.

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