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Video: How much torture can your credit card take?

Are chip credit cards waterproof? Dryerproof? Freezerproof? Can they stand up to a sriracha bath? Or being run over by a car? We tested.

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Which age group is most likely to check credit scores? Millennials!

Millennials are keeping a closer eye on credit scores than older generations, and they aren't stopping there: A majority of them also have an action plan for boosting their scores.

That's according to a new survey by Chase, which found that almost 4 in 10 millennials age 21-36 review their credit score at least once a month. That's compared to 31 percent for Generation X and 28 percent for baby boomers.

Furthermore, 62 percent of the millennial respondents said they have a plan of action for improving their score. That compares to only half of Generation X respondents and less than a third of baby boomers.

The Chase Slate 2017 Credit Outlook Survey consisted of an online survey of a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults age 18 and older and two interview components that provided additional depth on millennial perspectives. The findings were released July 13. Infographic: Millennials most likely to monitor credit scores

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'To Her Credit'
Q&A with Sally Herigstad

Am I responsible for check-cashing,
credit card scam charges?

To Her Credit columnist Sally Herigstad

Zero-liability rules don't help if you gave someone your card. See Expert Q&A

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Rack up points for last-minute,
back-to-school shopping

Offset last-minute school supply purchases by using airline shopping portals and maximizing rewards. Here are some tips from 'Get to the points' columnist Summer Hull to rack up points and miles to use when school break rolls back around.

Sapphire Reserve: Is it worth
keeping it for a second year?

If you travel a lot, the Sapphire Reserve (annual fee $450) could still be a bargain. If you drop the card, use up your points first or transfer them to a no-fee Chase card. Is it worth keeping the Sapphire Reserve? Here are the factors to consider. reviews
of retail credit cards

retail card reviews

As you do your back-to-school shopping, check out our reviews of retail credit cards. We looked at some of the most popular retail cards, comparing their rewards programs, special financing deals, APRs and other perks, as well as potential pitfalls.

Our 3 best no annual fee cards

Best no annual fee cards of summer 2017

You don't have to pay a high annual fee to earn a big return on a rewards card. Our three best no annual fee credit cards offer an impressive amount of cash back, miles or points.

'Taking Charge' blog

Jeff Herman Alexa, give me my
credit card balance

Jeff Herman | 8/18/2017

Capital One, American Express and USAA Labs have rolled out Alexa skills, but what credit card questions can Alexa answer? We tested them to find out. See more

2017 Credit Card Fee Survey:
Consumers catch a break

Most fees were unchanged, and those that remain are easy to avoid, our 2017 Card Fee Survey found. One once-common fee, the foreign transaction fee, continues to disappear.

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Settlement relieves debt, but there will be a catch: If you settle your debts, you should expect a credit score drop of 40 to 60 points.

Updated: 08-18-2017