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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014


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Signs it's time to cash in your rewards

7 signs it's time to cash in rewards

It's tempting to stockpile reward points for a big trip someday. But miles and points become less valuable with time.

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Jay MacDonaldMagic Johnson card stuffed
Jay MacDonald | 4/22/2014

If you want your very own Magic Prepaid MasterCard, you'd best step lively because, come June 30th, that sucker is going to be slam-dunked forever ... See more

Would you take on part of your spouse's debt to help his or her credit score?


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Credit card tip of the day

Don't buy what you can't afford, experts say. Build an emergency fund, max out your 401(k) contributions and don't carry a credit card balance. But, sometimes, it's OK to splurge.

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Bankers predict an increase in credit-line requests

Risk managers at banks in Canada and the United States believe credit-line increase requests will rise, according to a study from the Professional Risk Managers' International Association and the credit scoring company FICO.

Asked about the entire consumer credit market, 55 percent of those polled said they expect the requests to increase significantly or somewhat in the next six months.

A total of 229 risk managers at U.S. and Canadian banks were polled in February 2014. Columbia Business School's Center for Decision Sciences analyzed the results of the survey, which was titled "Consumer Credit Risk -- North America Trends and Expectations."

 Credit-line increase

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Pay in full, even after
debt settlement?

Erica Sandberg
If it's been years since the settlement, and the credit damage is mostly behind you, it's best just to let go. Focus on what's ahead ... See Expert Q&A

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Credit Card Help10 keys to
knowing credit

You may have heard the terms credit history and credit score. But what exactly is a credit history, what is a credit score -- and why are they so important?

Credit card glossary terms

Credit card glossary

A reward card carries an incentive or "reward" for use, typically involving cash back, merchandise points or frequent flier points.

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When it comes to credit, timing is everything. Pay late and your suffer, but over time, all is forgiven. Check your knowledge about credit cards and timing.

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