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Card issuers add cellphone push notifications

Push notifications: the future of bank communication

Banks and credit card issuers are turning to a powerful new tool to communicate and interact with their customers: push notifications.

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Volume of credit cards nears pre-recession levels

It took six years, but the volume of credit cards is finally approaching pre-recession levels. According to an American Bankers Association report issued in June, as of the fourth quarter of 2014, the total number of open credit card accounts, and the volume of new cards being issued, are both nearing the levels they were at the end of 2008, when the recession was in full swing.

Unlike 2008, however, far more cards are in the hands of, or going to, people with top-tier credit. Although the number of cards given out to people with subprime credit scores increased at the end of 2014, it remains well below 2008 levels.

New credit card accounts, 2008-2014

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Banks' 'behavior scores' can
decide cardholder terms

Barry Paperno
If you apply for a new card or higher limit from an existing card issuer, they'll use a proprietary "behavior score" that looks at how you've used their card before ... See Score

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A nondischargeable debt is a debt that cannot be cleared -- in legal terms, "discharged" -- after filing for bankruptcy. Examples include family support, unpaid taxes and fines related to criminal charges.

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Whether you're shopping for a new credit card or checking out a debt collector, you now have a new resource. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau now publishes consumer complaints about financial products on its website.

Updated: 07-04-2015