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Paper versus e-statements

Poll: 54 percent still get paper bank statements

Paper remains popular, sometimes fiercely so, but the young have gone digital with their bank statements.

PLUS: 8 FAQs on switching from paper to e-statements (and back again)

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Many prefer debit for everyday buys, credit for the big ones

Whether you typically opt for debit or credit depends on your age, gender, marital status and whether you have kids or own a home. But no matter your demographic or which type of payment method you prefer, it's likely you're putting more dollars on plastic these days.

In a May 2016 survey by TD Bank, 45 percent of Americans said a debit card was their primary method of payment for day-to-day purchases, with credit cards directly behind at 44 percent.

Yet, the survey found that almost everyone charges far more dollars on their credit cards. For instance, baby boomers spend more than twice as much on their credit cards as on debit cards.

TD Bank's Consumer Spending Index was compiled by Vision Critical, from polling of 1,576 consumers from April 1-12, 2016, and weighting the results to reflect the U.S. population. The findings were released May 11.

Many prefer debit for everyday buys, credit for the big ones

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A co-branded card is sponsored by two parties. The new Costco Citi Visa card is an example. Co-branded cards can be used at the sponsoring agent and any other retailer that takes cards from the bank or card network.


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