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Mobile payment statistics

Dialing up the stats on mobile payments

Mobile payments are taking off, but how high will this technology fly? We sort through the top stats on the evolving pay-by-phone scene.

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Negotiating a lower credit card interest rate

If your credit card has a high interest rate, you may be able to do something about it -- with a little luck and a few simple negotiating skills.

According to a poll, most people don't ask for a lower interest rate.

But among those who do, two out of three scored a lower APR. In the video below, reporter Kristin Wong shows how it's done.

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Expert Q&A

Disputing an auto
repair chargeback

Elaine Pofeldt
A car repair shop owner wonders what rights business owners have in a chargeback case. Here's what she should do ... See Expert Q&A

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Credit Card Help

Credit Card Help The 5 scoring

Most lenders use the FICO scoring model to assess if you qualify for good lending terms. Here are the five parts of your credit that FICO looks at to create your credit score.

Credit card glossary terms

Credit card glossary

A skip tracer is a debt collection worker who uses publicly available records, commercial databases and telephone research to determine the locations of debtors who have changed their addresses.

Credit card quiz

Ready to handle
a credit card?

Ready for independence? Building a solid credit history is part of that, and credit cards can help you get there. But do you know how to handle a credit card? Take this quiz.

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'Taking Charge' blog

Karen Haywood QueenResisting the
siren call of
convenience checks

Karen Haywood Queen | 3/25/2015

The convenience checks from my credit union arrived just as I mused about all the things we could do or buy once our savings account reached critical mass. But then I remembered that convenience comes at a cost ... See more

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Credit card tip of the day

When someone opens accounts in your name without your knowledge, even someone you love, you need to file a report with local law enforcement if you want to prove you were a victim. Otherwise, you are liable for the debt.

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