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You did WHAT to pay off your debt?

You did WHAT to pay off your debt?

From selling plasma to leaving the country, these debt payoff stories inspire.

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Credit card agreement crib notes

Credit card agreements can be overwhelming to read, but when you're signing up for a new card, it's important to know what you're getting into. Check out this short list of the most important terms to watch out for.

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Credit score impact of
store card financing deals

Erica Sandberg
Financing a big-ticket item shouldn't have long-term impact on your scores ... See Scores

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Choosing a card?
Consider these 6 things

A credit card is a bit like a chain saw -- very handy, but dangerous. Ask questions about these 6 things, then choose the right tool for the job and follow the safety rules.

Credit card glossary terms

An EMV card contains a computer chip that stores card account data. Unlike magnetic-stripe cards, every time you pay with an EMV card, the chip creates a unique transaction code that cannot be reused, thus stymying counterfeit card fraud. The initials EMV stand for Europay, MasterCard and Visa -- the three processing firms that first agreed to the standards. EMV cards are widespread in other parts of the world, and are being rolled out in the U.S.

Credit card quiz

Quiz: Do you think
like a millionaire?

Short of winning the lottery, people don't get to be millionaires by accident. Take our quiz and see if you share the same attitudes and habits of millionaires.

Credit card calculators

Looking to lower costs by transferring your balance to a credit card with a promotional 0-percent interest rate?

Use our 0 percent balance transfer calculator to figure out how much you need to pay every month before the promotional period ends and the interest rate skyrockets.

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Sienna Kossman How telecommuting is
padding my budget

Sienna Kossman | 9/1/2015

I joined the millions of Americans who telecommute to work a few months ago, and have found it's saving me money ... See more

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Credit card tip of the day

If you like the straightforward nature of cash back rewards, you may also like having those rewards automatically paid to you. Many issuers offer to automatically credit your rewards to your statement or a bank account, or even mail them to you in a check. Look at your card's terms and conditions to find out.

Updated: 09-03-2015