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Best ways to earn, redeem rewards points over the holidays

Best ways to earn, redeem rewards over the holidays

For starters, maximize your earnings on all your credit card purchases, and cash in some of your rewards to cut your expenses.

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Survey: Slower EMV chip card transactions irk shoppers

The slowness of EMV chip card transactions frustrates card users, and as we head into the busiest holiday shopping season, that's only going to get worse.

Nearly 1 in 5 users of the more-secure cards said EMV transactions take too long, a new Harbortouch survey finds. It's no surprise that 70 percent of those surveyed said a traditional magnetic stripe card is the quickest form of electronic payment.

The survey includes 1,170 U.S. adults who, in October, said they have paid for goods or services with an EMV card by inserting it into an EMV-combatible reader. The findings were released Nov. 4.

Survey: Slower EMV chip card transactions irk shoppers

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Q&A with Erica Sandberg

Parental conservators
can block credit access

Erica SandbergA judge's decision gave them the authority to manage your finances. Use this time to prove you're financially responsible. See Expert Q&A

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What are the 10 worst
credit card mistakes?

Having too many credit cards is one of the 10 worst credit card mistakes. What are the others -- and how can you avoid them?

Credit card glossary terms

An authorized user is anyone who has permission to use a credit card account, but is not responsible for paying the bill.

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Quiz: How organized
are your finances?

Take our quiz to find out how well your money matters are organized, then read the answers to find out why organization is key when it comes to financial health and peace of mind.

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How can I make the most of
a 0-percent balance transfer?

Use our calculator to determine the monthly payment needed to pay off the balance transfer before the interest-free period ends.

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Sienna Kossman Security worries, yes.
Taking precautions, no

Sienna Kossman | 11/25/2015

A new survey finds we're more worried about payment security but not doing the easy things to safeguard our information. See more poll

How does your holiday credit card spending this year compare to last year?


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Credit card tip of the day

The IRS won't care if you buy gift cards with your card's rewards points. Even "cash back" redemption won't count as taxable income.

Updated: 11-26-2015