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Save money, credit score with a DIY debt management plan

Save money with a DIY debt management plan

It sometimes makes sense to tackle debt problems yourself. Some advantages? You avoid fees, and your credit report stays clean.

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Infographic: Security tops all factors in choosing a card

Identity theft worries have made security features the No. 1 factor when choosing a credit or debit card, a new Javelin study finds.

Second on the list is rewards earned for purchases (71 percent). Overdraft fees (66 percent) and interest rates (65 percent) are other factors. Dead last in the Javelin study is whether a card can be used in a mobile wallet (32 percent).

Security is a key hurdle in mobile wallet adoption, the study finds, as boomers, affluent and middle-class consumers are more likely than the average cardholder to avoid mobile wallets because of identity theft concerns.

Javelin's "Mobile Wallet Fraud Migration" study is based on two Javelin surveys. A random sample panel of 3,195 consumers with mobile phones or smartphones was conducted in June and July 2015, and the 2015 ID Fraud survey was conducted among 5,111 U.S. adults over 18 from Oct. 15 to Nov. 2, 2015. Javelin released the findings from the study April 14, 2016.

Infographic: Security tops all factors in choosing a card

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'Speaking of Credit'
Q&A with Barry Paperno

Credit utilization: Forget
the 30 percent myth

Barry Paperno: Forget the 30% credit utilization myth

Keep credit use low, but there's no magic number. But it's better to have a percentage higher than 0, than it is to have nothing. See Expert Q&A

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travel cards

travel cards

Our reviews of travel cards consider not only the monetary value of rewards and sign-up bonuses but also the ease of redemption and the total value of each card's features.

Credit card glossary terms

A prepaid card is a form of secured card that is tied to a previously deposited cash balance. See: "9 things to know about prepaid cards."

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Quiz: Test your knowledge
about credit reports, scores

You know that credit scores and reports are important, but just how much do you know about them? Take our quiz to see if you're a credit expert

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How long will it take
to pay off your debt?

Use our calculator to find out how long it would take to pay off your debt. Or, enter your desired months to payoff and calculate what your monthly payments should be.

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Susan Ladika Luxury vacation offer
instead may be a scam

Susan Ladika | 5/3/2016

Fraudsters have been calling and emailing about five-day vacations at incredibly low prices. Florida officials say it's a scam.
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How will you pay for your summer vacation this year?


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Credit card tip of the day

Want to build your credit? A prepaid card won't help, because your use of the card is not reported to the credit bureaus. Instead, try a secured card instead.

Updated: 05-06-2016