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Emotional toll of ID theft

Identity theft packs an emotional toll

A high percentage of identity theft victims feel stress at the violation, studies show.

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Credit card delinquencies improve despite economic chill

U.S. consumers managed to improve their on-time payment record with credit cards during the first three months of 2015, despite a shrinking economy, according to the American Bankers Association.

Delinquencies on bank-issued credit cards fell slightly to 2.49 percent of all accounts in the first quarter, from 2.52 percent. The bankers' group counts missed payments more than 30 days overdue as a delinquency.

The drop in delinquencies comes even as economy shrank at an annual rate of 0.2 percent in the first quarter, as measured by gross domestic product. The ABA says that "speaks to sustained consumer discipline as Americans continue to use and mange their debt responsibly." Bank card delinquencies remain near 15‐year lows

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Partner's bankruptcy
clouds business credit

Elaine Pofeldt
A risky business partner can jeopardize any credit you apply for on your own ... See Credit

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9 things to know
about balance transfers

Transferring debt from a high-interest credit card to one with a lower interest rate sounds smart, but it's not as simple as it sounds. Here are nine things to consider before you do a balance transfer.

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Regulation E is the set of rules established to carry out the Electronic Fund Transfer Act, which spells out consumers' rights when using debit cards.

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Getting a credit card is important for building credit. But you need to go into it armed with the knowledge to handle credit safely. Take our quiz to see what you know and what you need to brush up on before you get your first plastic.

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Kelly Dilworth Extroverts save less,
spend more

Kelly Dilworth | 7/29/2015

Extroverts tend to make more money than introverts. But new research shows they also typically save less of what they make ... See more

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Too many credit cards? If you want to minimize the credit score impact of closing some cards, start with the accounts you never use, then consider the cards that are newest.

Updated: 08-04-2015