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How 100-word credit report statements can hurt you

How 100-word credit report statements can hurt you

Sometimes an explanation can turn into an admission. Here are six reasons to think twice before attaching a statement to your credit file.

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Infographic: The financially happy now outnumber the unhappy

For the first time since before the Great Recession wreaked havoc on household budgets, Americans who feel rosy about their finances have become a majority.

The edge financially happy Americans have over those who feel negatively about their monetary lives is ever so slight. Gallup reports that 50 percent of Americans rated their financial situation as excellent or good in April 2016, compared to 49 percent who rated it as "only fair" or "poor."

Minimal as the shift might be, it constitutes a watershed moment after eight years of negative ratings dominating Gallup's annual findings.

Gallup's latest study was conducted via telephone interviews April 6-10, 2016, with a random sample of 1,015 adults ages 18 and older. Results were weighted to match the national demographics of the U.S. population and were released May 5.

Infographic: The financially happy now outnumber the unhappy

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'To Her Credit'
Q&A with Sally Herigstad

Paying penalty rates on a card?
Here's your escape plan

To Her Credit columnist Sally Herigstad

Six months of on-time payments can force a rate review. See Expert Q&A

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A hard inquiry occurs when a potential lender checks a consumer's credit report, which creates a negative impact on the consumer's credit score. See: "The hard and fast rules of hard inquiries"

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Jenny Hoff 4 reasons to say no
to store card offers

Jenny Hoff | 5/26/2016

That 10 to 20 percent savings can be tempting at the register, but store cards often have much higher interest rates than use-anywhere cards. See more poll

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Sometimes an old debt can vanish from your credit report, but it's probably only temporary. One possible explanation? Your debt was sold to a new agency.

Updated: 05-31-2016