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You paid a charged-off debt; now what?

You paid a charged-off debt; now what?

Don't assume your credit reports reflect the paid-off bill. Follow through by checking your credit report, and file a dispute if the charge-off is still there.

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Video: Rewards points can buy cool, exclusive experiences

Free hotel rooms and flights are all nice credit card perks, but for some, the real allure of rewards points is the chance to cash in on once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

“It's something you can't purchase, and it's an incentive you can control yourself,” says Jeff Warden, an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan who uses his points for rewards experiences.

Warden and his wife signed up for the Bank of America MLB Extra Bases MasterCard as soon as they got married, just for the kind of experiences the cad offers. In 2015, they cashed in a huge chunk of points for to throw out the first pitch at a Cardinals game.

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'To Her Credit'
Q&A with Sally Herigstad

Options for 85-year-old mom
with $25,000 in card debt

To Her Credit columnist Sally Herigstad

Her adult children's actions are keeping mom in debt.
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Ask a question. reviews
of business credit cards

Rewards card reviews

Our reviews of business credit cards take into account the value of their rewards and the special services they offer business owners.

Best student credit cards
for fall 2016

Best student credit cards: fall 2016's best student credit cards for fall 2016 pair generous cash back programs and perks tailored for students.

Credit card statistics

Student credit, debit and
prepaid card statistics

When it comes to monthly spending, college students in 2015 used debit or check cards for 42 percent of their purchases, and their own credit cards for 6 percent of their purchases, according to the latest statistics.

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How long to pay off your debt
with minimum payments?

Use our calculator to check how long it will take you to pay off your debt, and how much interest you will pay over the life of your debt, if you make only your minimum monthly payments.

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Jeff Herman Millennials answer Reserve's
100,000-points question

Jeff Herman | 9/23/2016

Millennials, who Chase says are snapping up the new rewards card, are anything but reserved when talking about how they plan to redeem that big sign-up bonus. See more poll

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Card denied? It happens, but know what to do and not do. For starters, don't lie. And always have a backup card.

Updated: 09-26-2016