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Bluesnarfing is newest card fraud at gas pumps and ATMs

Skimming, shimming ... and now bluesnarfing?

With a skimmer and Bluetooth, crooks can steal your card info at gas pumps and ATMs. To protect yourself, don't use Bluetooth and use credit, not debit.

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Digital wallets' early adopters are wealthy, millennials, live in cities

The use of digital wallets may not be rising as fast as some predicted, but it's growing surely and steadily, with some groups of consumers leading the charge.

According to a survey released in April 2017 by Fiserv, about 15 percent of Americans have used a digital wallet within the past 12 months. That compares to 11 percent the previous year and 8 percent two years ago.

Three consumer groups stand out as having adopted digital wallets at about twice the rate of average Americans. One-third of high net worth individuals indicated they've used the new payment technology, as has a similar proportion (32 percent) of millennials. Urban consumers were another breakout group at 28 percent.

As for what's going in those digital wallets, credit cards are the top item, reported by 45 percent of those who use digital wallets. Debit cards follow closely at 41 percent, and gift cards at 37 percent. Infographic: Who uses digital wallets, and for what?

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'To Her Credit'
Q&A with Sally Herigstad

How can I get card details
after my friend died?

To Her Credit columnist Sally Herigstad

Authorized user cards are invalid once the primary cardholder dies.
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Ask a question. reviews
of travel credit cards

travel card reviews

As you set off on your summer vacation, check out our reviews of travel credit cards, which compare sign-up bonuses and travel perks, ease of redemption and the total value of each card's features.

Our 3 best hotel credit cards
for summer 2017

Best hotel credit cards: Summer 2017

Hotel credit cards, a favorite of travel experts, offer some of the most generous rewards available – and our three best hotel credit cards are the most rewarding of the class.

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Credit card delinquencies
are starting to tick up

The health of the credit card industry is best measured by the number of people who pay their bills on time. Credit card defaults, after a lengthy decline, are beginning to inch up, our credit card delinquency statistics show. research

Cash back cards survey:
Complex is out, simple is in

Cash back survey 2017: Complex is out, simple is in

Flat-rate offers far outnumber cards with tiered paybacks, our cash back cards survey 2017 finds.

Key takeaways:
Simplicity rules: We found 27 cards that offer cash back at a flat rate.
1 percent is the norm: Of 52 cards surveyed, 60 percent offer 1 percent cash back.

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John Egan New rainbow card fills
this writer with pride

John Egan | 6/22/2017

U.S. Bank isn't the first card issuer to appeal to LGBT consumers and their supporters, but maybe it's a positive sign that others aren't rolling out rainbow-themed cards. See more

5 extraordinary ways to redeem
your points this summer

Want to throw out the first pitch of a baseball game, fly on a private jet or spend time with retired elephants in Thailand? Discover 5 extraordinary ways to redeem your rewards points.

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3 strategies for reducing debt on multiple cards: You can protect your score, minimize your interest costs or pay the smallest balances first. Pick your priority.

Updated: 06-25-2017