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Credit card use and availability statistics

Credit card use and availability statistics

More Americans are being approved for credit, but card limits are dropping. Our research team investigates the trends in statistics.

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EMV FAQ 3: Will EMV cards protect my online purchases?

New credit cards containing so-called EMV chips offer enhanced security for in-store purchases but not online purchases. In our ongoing series of frequently asked questions about EMV cards, Randy Vanderhoof, head of the Smart Card Alliance, explains why.

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How credit reports
handle balance transfers

Barry Paperno
If your payment record is good on the card you're transferring the balance from, try to keep it open ... See Scoring

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8 tips for keeping
credit costs low

A high APR or a slew of fees can quickly inflate your credit card debt. Here are eight tips for keeping credit card rates and fees low.

Credit card glossary terms

Secured credit cards require collateral -- usually a cash deposit with the issuing institution -- for approval. They are designed for people with no credit or poor credit.

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Are you ready to
handle a credit card?

Getting a credit card is important for building credit. But you need to go into it armed with the knowledge to handle credit safely. Take our quiz to see what you know and what you need to brush up on before you get your first plastic.

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Find out what it would take to pay off your balance, the true cost of making minimum payments, whether a cash-back or low-interest card is better for you -- and more.

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Matt Schulz How fast will your
card's APR rise?

Matt Schulz | 7/29/2015

When the Fed raises interest rates, your credit card's APR will go up. The only question is how quickly it will happen ... See more

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Credit card tip of the day

If a family member has fraudulently run up credit card bills in your name, you'll need to report them to the police. It's not an easy decision but creditors need to see the police report before they'll remove negative items from your credit report.

Updated: 07-30-2015