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Synthetic identity theft

Synthetic identity: Theft victims may be unaware for years

Synthetic identity theft is growing fast, and victims may be unaware of the crime for years to come because children are often targeted.

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EMV FAQ 1: Do I need to swipe my EMV credit card?

Get ready for something different in your wallet. Banks are issuing new credit and debit cards with security chips.

It's part of a nationwide switch to EMV cards, which use a computer chip, instead of the magnetic stripe on the back of the card, to enable more secure credit card transactions.

Here's the first in our series of videos outlining what you need to know about your EMV card.

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401(k) accounts protected
from card debt collection

Sally Herigstad
Credit card companies cannot seize your 401(k) plan, or any other qualified retirement account, for that matter ... See Expert Q&A

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8 facts about card debt

It may come as a surprise, but you can successfully manage credit cards without going into debt. That's one of eight things you need to know about card debt.

Credit card glossary terms

An add-on rate is a way to calculate interest. The final amount of interest on the principal loan amount is determined ahead of time and added on to the original amount. If paying in installments, the sum of the total interest plus the original amount is divided into even installments.

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Do you know your
debt collection rights?

Have you been getting calls from debt collectors? You have rights you may not be aware of. Test your knowledge here.

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Kelly DilworthThe right age for a piggy bank

Kelly Dilworth | 4/24/2015

Toy stores are full of specially designed piggy banks promising to teach kids how to save. However, one study shows that parents may want to hold off on purchasing a piggy bank -- or opening a savings account in their child's name -- until their kids are old enough to benefit ... See more

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Take care not to apply for multiple cards in a short amount of time -- those inquiries will show up on your credit reports and can affect your credit scores.

Updated: 04-25-2015