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'Free' airline tickets really aren't

What that 'free' airline award ticket will cost you

We compare the airline fees typically found on tickets purchased with miles. It's no surprise the rewards programs have stopped calling them "free."

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How to use mobile gift cards

Mobile gift cards can slim down your wallet. They make great last-minute gifts, too. Here are some tips for how to use them.

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Let credit utilization
guide debt payoff

Barry Paperno
To boost your credit score, reduce your overall card balances first ... See Expert Q&A

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10 things you should know
about credit reports, scores

You may have heard of credit scores and reports, but do you understand why they are so important? Here are 10 things you should know.

Credit card glossary terms

With credit and debit cards, a hold may be placed on a portion of a consumer's credit limit or available debit balance if the final amount of a transaction is unknown. That can happen at gas stations, restaurants or hotels.

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What are your rights
with debt collectors?

Facing debt collectors because of unpaid or overdue bills? Find out if you understand your rights.

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Try our easy-to-use financial calculators.

Find out what it would take to pay off your balance, the true cost of making minimum payments, whether a cash-back or low-interest card is better for you -- and more.

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Sienna Kossman Student loan holders
aren't all drowning
in credit misfortunes

Sienna Kossman | 5/22/2015

Despite the barrage of headlines about the student loan problem, there is good news: Student loans aren't crippling young adults' financial abilities and credit activity like many believe ... See more

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Credit card tip of the day

If you need a loan for a big purchase, but you have youthful credit, consider asking someone to co-sign. Take a loan that is as short term as possible, and make sure you can make the payments.

Updated: 05-28-2015