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Luxury reward-card perks

Luxury reward card perks: Travel like an executive

Beyond free flights lies a world of exclusive privilege, if you're willing to pay the annual fees.

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Poll finds craziest places people do online shopping

Craziest place you've shopped online? In the shower? In the bathroom? At a wedding or funeral? You're not alone.

North Americans are shopping online while on the job, in bed, at restaurants, and at some other pretty crazy places, MasterCard's Psyche of Shopping survey found.

The survey doesn't break down whether men or women shop online more, but it did find some gender differences. Women in North America are more likely than men to have shopped online both in bed (40 percent versus 34 percent) and in the bathroom (28 percent versus 20 percent).

Poll finds craziest places people do online shopping

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'Cashing In'
Q&A with Tony Mecia

How to transfer miles, points
into other rewards programs

Tony MeciaRewards card programs can be complicated, but the type of card determines options and ease of transfer. See Expert Q&A

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Credit card help

10 tips if your data
has been breached

If your credit or debit account information has been hacked, check receipts and statements for unauthorized charges and notify your bank or card issuer.

Credit card glossary terms

An authorized user is any person who has permission to use a credit card account, but is not responsible for paying the bill. Authorized users differ from joint credit, in which both parties are obliged to pay.

Credit card quiz

Quiz: Are you ready
for a credit card?

Millennials and teens, this quiz is for you. Minimum payments, APR, liability for fraud on a lost card -- test your knowledge before picking a card that's right for you.

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How much could I save
by transferring my balances?

Use our balance payment calculator to check introductory interest rate, time period and balance transfer fees to see how much transferring your balances will save you.

'Taking Charge' blog

Kelly Dilworth Free FICO scores lead
to savvy card users

Kelly Dilworth | 10/12/2015

Just by viewing credit scores more regularly, cardholders -- like my husband -- are tracking and improving their credit behavior, research suggests. See more poll

What do you think about the beacons some retailers use to track your movements via cellphone as you shop?


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Credit card tip of the day

Do you need a credit card RFID protector sleeve? A security expert says there's little chance that your data will be skimmed, but he suggests protecting yourself
just in case.

Updated: 10-13-2015