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'Bad Paper' author Jake Halpern

The Wild West of debt collection revealed

Author Jake Halpern goes undercover as a debt collector and uncovers a world of rich characters, conflicts and unsavory behavior.

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Study: Rewards cards have taken over the market

Rewards cards increasingly dominate the credit card market, making up more than half the new accounts Americans have opened since 2012, a study by the American Bankers Association shows.

Transactions on reward cards rose almost 50 percent from the first quarter in 2007 to the same period in 2014, climbing from $580 billion to $1.15 trillion. Meanwhile, spending on nonrewards cards was down 32 percent, from $672 billion to $460 billion.

The study, released Sept. 30, 2014, is based on research performed by Argus Information & Advisory Services LLC, and looks at figures from the first quarter of 2007 to the first quarter of 2014.

Student loans up 84 percent

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Track rewards points?
Sorry, no app for that

Tony Mecia
It's not easy to make sure you earned triple points on this card, miles you supposedly got, and no apps really do the trick ... See Expert Q&A

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From under- standing your spending habits to studying the interest rate, here are six things you need to consider before choosing a card.

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Credit card glossary

A reward card is a credit card that carries an incentive or "reward" for use, typically involving cash back, merchandise points or frequent flier points.

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Fred O. WilliamsAvoid surprises
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fine print

Fred O. Williams | 10/16/2014

Reading your card agreement is a good way to avoid unpleasant surprises later. Here are a few of the most important terms to look for -- or look out for ... See more

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If you want to get a business credit card but your personal credit is shot, consider a secured card or a low-limit card.

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